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Google Street View – Pan-American Trek – Wingate Inc., Amarillo, Texas
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Image by kevin dooley
In this installment of my Pan-American Trek using Google Street View we visit Amarillo Texas. In terms of old buildings with a lot of character, Amarillo is the most interesting town on the trek so far. Every corner I virtually turned there was something interesing to look at. As I mentioned before, the Texas panhandle looks like it’s been up against a strong wind, and Amarillo exemplifies both the wins and losses in its face.

Amarillo was different from the previous towns I’ve visited in two ways. First. I could begin to feel a strong Texas sentiment – lots of Texas flags and stars on buildings. Second, perhaps related, is it began to feel more like Mexico. More colorful buildings, both from decoration and from graffiti, and more businesses with Spanish advertising than farther north in Texas and Colorado.

For those of you just joining me on this trip, note I do not TAKE these pictures, Google Street View does. I find them and post-process them for all of our pleasure. Finding the photos meaning going thru each town and highway on Google Street View, a few meters at a time. As context, it took me about 10 hours to virtually drive around Amarillo to find these images.

Wingate , Inc. Amarillo, Texas.