Volunteer Fire Department personnel with a fire truck, Kent, ca. 1918


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Volunteer Fire Department personnel with a fire truck, Kent, ca. 1918
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Image by IMLS DCC
Description: Kent Volunteer Fire Department. Taken in front of Tillicum Inn, 1st Avenue and Titus with firemen posed on the fire truck. People in photograph: top: Charles Thompson, Ben York, Sally Robertson, Tom Madison, Wes Morrill; front: W.L. Fulp (Mayor), Fred Francisco (Police Chief), Harry Holloway, Chris Erdman, Jim Sells.

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Image by Elvert Barnes
Millennium March on Washington for Equality (MMOW) / Youth Rally at Dupont Circle, NW, Washington DC on Saturday afternoon, 29 April 2000 by Elvert Barnes Protest Photography

Elvert Barnes April 2000 MMOW docu-project at elvertbarnes.com/April2000-MMOW
… as I walked through the park snapping photos of youthful dancers some with fans in their hands and folks kissing and/or embracing each other I heard the voice of a young black gay man who when speaking from a stage in the northeast corner of the Circle spoke with a tongue that sounded, almost verbatum, just like me when I and was young black gay man.

In his articulation which is an expression that many have used when they hear a black person speak … and as many have told me … ‘like you’ll white’..

Like the young gay black man speaking I, too, believed that Martin Luther King Jr’s dream had finally materialized. And though he, the young black gay man, said that things could be much better he spoke of a new society with multiculturalism and diversity (a term that I hate to hear) when little white girls and black girls and little white boys and black boys can walk hand in hand and over the mountain top.

When writing my 2005 MLK Day SICK AND TIRED OF JOINING HANDS essay at dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/114405/index.php I’d again remember the young black gay man who spoke in Dupont Circle during the 29 April 2000 MMOW Youth Rally.

If only he had known then what I had come to realize then …

Heterocondylus vitalbae (DC.) R.M. King & H. Rob.
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Image by Reinaldo Aguilar
Vascular Plants of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Los Charcos de Osa