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Harper’s Weekly, Advertising Page, 1858
Advertising Page
Image by national museum of american history
Early advertising as shown in Harper’s Weekly, December, 25, 1858, p. 872. Special holiday advertising section.

National Museum of American History
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This is an Offal Photograph…
Advertising Page
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
… taken on the Lower Road, Crosshaven, Co. Cork by James O’Dea, and we can just see his shadow down the bottom topped off by his distinctive hat. Was wondering if J. Kidney is still in the butcher business, and Niall McAuley provided the answer with this Street View link. Thanks also to blackpoolbeach for this bird’s eye OSI view.

And great Crosshaven continuity in evidence from guliolopez with this PDF of Guys Cork Almanac 1945 (just scroll down a few pages to find Crosshaven listings). As guliolopez says:
"Carefully skirts any kidney jokes, and into the meat of it with a couple of notes:

# The 1945 directory puts Kidney’s butchers at the same spot. (Guy’s Almanac typically flags victuallers with a "v") So the Kidney family have been subject to awful puns in Crosshaven for ~60 years.

# The same 1945 directory shows "J. Desmond" also in Pier House. But no indication as to what the business was. May query the local knowledge pool on that one.

# Fitzgibbon’s shop – responsible for the gable-end adornments – is also still there. Interesting that the Street View photo shows a HB sign in almost exactly the same spot as the Lucan Ices "mural". (Hinting at a ~60 year tradition advertising their cold treats in exactly the same spot)."

Date: Wednesday, 22 June 1966

NLI Ref.: ODEA 42/53