Behind the Scenes with Email marketing Campaign Ideas


Behind the Scenes with Email marketing Campaign Ideas

How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

Email marketing allows you to cost-efficiently send relevant, personalized messages to your prospective and current customers in real-time. And because you can send emails in real-time, you can receive real-time data on your audience’s wants and needs. Ultimately, the email marketing horizon is really limitless. In Today’s In-Sites Video, we’re giving you email marketing tips about and how you can make it an effective, engaging tool for your business. Direct Images Interactive is an inbound marketing agency specializing in high-impact video production and online graphic design.

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Random ideas for new marketing campaign: comments are appre

Video Rating:5


  1. Take a 7 day trip with a videographer and show us how you work while traveling; the tasks you perform, the software, cloud services, and hardware/gadgets you use.  Let's see it all happen in real time. 

  2. Maybe you could lay out everything you might take on a short vacation (Chargers, phones, ipads/thin laptops,ear buds etc.) And show that you don't need to bay for extra baggage, just fit the lighter stuff in the clothes and be on your way. And for corporate business people, you could show off that sport coat and the black hidden cargo pants since together they look like a pretty nice suit to wear.

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