3 Different Types of Online Advertising for Small Businesses


3 Different Types of Online Advertising for Small Businesses

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Make Money Online Selling Advertising

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In this video I answer a question from one of my readers Paul / Pablo who asked about how he can make money selling advertising.

Hi Evan,
My name is Pablo based in Lusaka, Zambia in Central Africa. I’m a keen reader of your blogs, articles and links. They have been useful in shaping my thinking businesswise. As a small time businessman that is just starting out, I’m struggling to find firm foundation. I’m part of a team that is running a business magazine called Corporate Face whose focus is to publish articles written by those that have made it in business by sharing their experiences and giving advice to would be business people. This magazine is distributed freely and revenue is generated through advertising. Zambia is a third world country and the business culture isn’t well established. So finding businesses willing to spend on advertising in our magazine has been a challenge. Due to the weak business culture in Zambia we do struggle to stay abreast most times. With this background, what kind of support can your offer us based on your specialty? Any write-ups, advice, that could be useful to us?

We also have a website and we have been racking our minds for a very long time now trying to establish how we can use it to make some money for us like the way Google makes money for its founders, Sergey and Larry. You could take a look www.corporateface.co.zm.

We also wanted to find out if you charge for specialized support and technical assistance in business development.

Hoping to hear from you.

Best regards,


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  4. Good video I have the Real Brother Radio Show and I do have video ads that I run as commercials in my show. I want to know how to sell more ads how to solicit :30 :60 ads not for "click" but to simply run during the 8 breaks in the show?  TKCAL

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