What You Need to Know About Advertising Companies


Advertising companies that help a business to plan, create, and handle their needs as well as other kinds of promotions are called ad agencies. They are separate from the business they represent and assist a business in the with the sale of services and products. Other types of services that they handle are branding strategies, marketing and sales promotions.

While any organization looking to promote their products in a well researched manner can consult an agency for assistance, the run of the mill clients that these agencies work with are non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies and business. An advertising campaign is produced by companies to help a business bring in more customers.

The size of an advertising agency can range from the large, multi-agency and multi-national conglomerates such as Publicis, Havas, Omnicom Group, Interpublic Group of Companies and WPP Group, to small two person and one person companies that outsource freelance talent to get the job done. Depending on your needs, you can choose an agency that you feel will represent the reputation and brand that you are attempting to convey.

There are advertising companies called media-neutral agencies, also known as full-service companies, that specialize in an assortment of media. They rely on both commission and fees paid by the media, and commission is typically about 15% of what is charged. The strategy that employ is a communication approach of integrated marketing, also known as TTL. Full-service is the traditional way to approach promotions because it includes all of a business´s needs.

An interactive agency creates a difference between what they do and what full-service offers by offering web development/ design, e-business/ e-commerce consulting, internet marketing/ advertising and search engine marketing to their traditional base. Because the services offered by interactive companies are so broad, their growth was rapid, and unfortunately worked against them in some market conditions that have changed. The test of longevity for interactive agencies are their ability to offer specialized services for “digital space”.

Digital space is considered electronic channels that are enabled by any multi-media where the message of an advertiser can be heard or seen. CD-ROMs, the internet, DVDs, Kiosks and lifestyle devices such as the PSP, iPod and mobile are all included in the “digital space” category. The sole focus for interactive advertising is on interactive services, although the function is similar to traditional full-service agencies.

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