Joni grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so in Washington, she’ll know how to cut pork! Contribute today at: https://secure.joniforiowa.com/donations/squeal/?source=ytdesc
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  1. doesn't look like she's going to be re-elected, people are pretty furious with her

  2. Joni turned on her pig tail and ran squealing away from her constituents at her town hall meeting, like the coward she really is.

  3. Every country deserves it's politicians. In Iowa they wanted this, so this is what they get. A typical republican genius immediately discerning the roots of the evil. As you have certainly all correctly guessed, the US debt is entirely caused by Obamacare and has absolutely no relation to the astronomical military budget and war adventures all around the world. Live within your means, unless it concerns the Ministry of War budget. Then you will have to cut your means so that the army won't suffer.

    BTW, is there any study on the average IQ in Iowa? Just curious.

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