Australian Anti-Drug Ad Campaigns


Australian Anti-Drug Ad Campaigns

A closer look at what the Australian Government is trying to achieve with their latest million anti-drug advertising campaign.

Note: This video is not pro-drugs or anti-drugs… it is pro-knowledge and anti-ignorance (especially coming from governments).

Speak to your mates about their opinions on all these topics. I think you’ll find that when it comes to knowledge about drugs (even alcohol) there is a scarily wide mix of opinions on what should be commonly-accepted, commonly-known scientific facts.

Please don’t trust information from one source (especially the government). Do you really want to end up in a ‘1984’ society?

Do your own research:
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  1. Weed cannot cause death and never has, the reason why weed is illegal is because it's in competition with the pharmaceutical company's, I believe weed should be taxed legal and regulated, if used responsibly and in moderation this herb and give considerable pleasure and is great for meditation and relaxation, Colorado in America have the right idea, over there they legalised it taxed it and regulated it, crime rate has dropped by 35 percent and tax money is going towards schools hospitals and guess what not everyone over there has turned into mindless zombies lol lets look at the facts alcohol, tobacco and synthetics are legal ok now these 3 drugs more people die from then anything but nobody has ever died from pot not one person ever!!!! You don't drive under the influence of any substance lol that's just common sense and I think in a free country it should be your choice what you put in your own body not the governments your life your choice, wake up Australia.

  2. I am trying to find the old video with the "drain cleaner and hair bleach" ecstasy advert from the Australian Government. Has this been removed altogether?!

  3. The reason weed is so (laughably) demonised/vilified is because the governments KNOW it will lead to enlightenment of their control agendas. In addition, the pharmaceutical and oil companies know that once people realise the magical benefits and uses of the Hemp and Cannabis plants, there jig will be up.
    Riddle me this – why is opium production at an all time high under the 'coalition of the bomb us into democracy and freedom', whereas under the Taliban, it was almost eradicated. The answer will once again be linked to governments and corporations control and power. Think the British Opium Wars….
    This 'informational campaign' is a poorly disguised, pathehtic attempt at propagandistic mind control. Isnt it great to see the taxpayers dollars hard at work protecting the control system and corporate profits?

  4. Oh noes, guize. I smoked weed and now all I do is sit at my desk and browse the internet. Everything is funny and I'm really craving some McDonalds. Why didn't I listen to this ad? If only I knew weed would make me do the exact same things I do sober. :'(

  5. @2.08 in a pub where everyone is consuming drugs in a glass alcohol in a proper manner… wouldn't it be funny if somewhere in a parallel universe there was an add with a whole heap of people chillin with some spliffs and one dude drunk off his face puking and starting fights… onya straya!!

  6. People who smoke weed that are lazy and unmotivated were probably that way before they started smoking.
    Don't blame personality faults on weed.

    Also I do distinguish the difference between a pothead and just a pot smoker.
    I smoke weed but I take care of fucking business.

  7. weed does affect people, seriously look all the pot heads , i smoke aswell but i do have to admit, it does make you lazy and unmotivated

  8. That's all they could come up with about weed "it will slow you down for a bit" WHO CARES?

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