Achieve Higher Website Promotion With Banner Advertising


We all know the importance of promotion a website in order to bring it in the knowledge of the search engine as well as the users. For this purpose banner advertising can be used as one of the most cost effective form of online advertising. This form of online marketing is used by many affiliate marketers, internet companies and website owners for building net traffic, lead generation and product selling. You can expect higher return of profits from banner ads.

In simpler words banner advertisements are graphic images that are displayed at the top most part of a web page. Here advertisers buy the web space from websites that have same content, similar target customers, based on it the rates for displaying the ads is determined. The exact cost of banner advertising varies according to the popularity level of the website. Therefore sites that have higher visitors’ traffic charge more for the advertising space on their web page.

However its costs is also dependent on if advertiser is paying for per click or the impression. In case its pay-per-click ad, you get the pay from the advertiser when the visitor clicks on the ad. In pay per impression ads payments are made on flat rate basis for the ad that is being displayed.

You can achieve many multiple goals by banner advertising like creating brand awareness, promotion of special offers, products/services and targeting the traffic.

It has advantages also for the websites that put up these ads. There are many websites whose major portion of earning comes from revenue generated from selling of the advertising space on the web page. In certain instances site pay for displaying their banner advertisements on other websites by selling web space on their website.

It does generate income for the website irrespective of the sales made by the advertiser. Here whether or not users click on them or not, websites get the payment for banner ads. However a company wont pay for advertising space that yields no returns, but in case of banner advertising revenue generation is not dependent on the visitors’ actions.

When the popularity of your website increases, so does the profit earned through banner advertising. So you would get more number of advertisers to display their ad on your website, as it gets higher visitor base. Thus such sites can charge more for the advertising space.

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