Tourism Australia’s “There’s Nothing Like Australia” campaign


Tourism Australia's

The highly successful campaign by Tourism Australia continued to evolve on Mon 04 Jun 2012 in Shanghai, China as the next phase of the “There’s Nothing Like Australia” marketing campaign was launched to the world. The campaign includes this television commercial, which will be shown on TV, cinema screens and digitally around the globe.
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  1. There's no place for Australians!!! They don't even know what a Mendelian Inheritance is. They only cared about being the refined. They don't even know such an enormous, coarse-face is a Mendelian Inheritance!!!

  2. yup, super expensive trips on show there. I want that gazillion dollar yacht to sail around with my family too. 🙂 Nice ad though, pretty shots and all that jazz.

  3. As an Australian seeing this ad I feel like most of the activities are expensive. I see lots of shots where someone is being served 5 star quality and is in remote places. Helicopters and boats are everywhere. So this is not aimed at the budget traveler. But that is ok nobody said it had to be, the backpackers don't need an expensive ad showing people doing expensive activities in the most beautiful places in Australia. You can get to these places on a reasonable budget but it will be rustic!

  4. i've never think about australia before.. or even imagine to go there. until i saw this clip.

  5. Dewayne Everettsmith & Jasmine Beams 'It's Like Love' is downloadable from iTunes now!

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