How to Write Google AdWords Ads That Sell


One of the best ways to optimize your Google AdWords campaigns and get results is to write the ads that sell.  Writing ads that sell is not as difficult as you think it is, you just have to know what will work best for your target market.


Understand What Your Ads is Supposed to Do

In writing your ads, you have to understand what it is supposed to do.  The main job of your ads is to capture the attention of your target market and make them want to click on your ads.  However, you must also consider the cost per click.  So you want to write the ads that will attract the right audience who will not just click on your ads out of curiosity but will also most likely to buy what you have to offer.


You must therefore be able to come up with a 100 character ads that will primarily get the right clicks from your target market.  What comes after is the responsibility of your website, specifically the landing page.  You should be able to synchronize your ads and the landing page for consistency to get the best conversion results from Google AdWords.

Writing the Ads that Sell

Here are some techniques that you can use to write the ads that get clicked and sell.  One, you have to exercise creativity in writing the headline as this is the first line to get your target market’s attention.  You can either use an interested question to stir curiosity, or you can emphasize one important benefits you target market can get by clicking your ads.


In creating the body of your ads, you have to make sure that you every single word matter as you can only use about 70 characters out of the 100 characters allowed for ads.  Your ads should be able to creatively and concisely motivate your target market to click your ads with the intention of buying from what you have to offer.


You can do so much with writing Google AdWords ads that sell. You can put your creativity to work in writing the ads, follow some tips and techniques to get better results from your AdWords campaigns.


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