AdMissile: Get Support With AdMissile – Classified Ad Marketing Software – 2016


AdMissile: Get Support With AdMissile - Classified Ad Marketing Software - 2016

Beta Test Today –
Craigslist Auto Posting Tool 2016
Learn how to get get support with AdMissile

If your interested in learning more or becoming apart of our beta testing team please follow this url – and get in touch with us.

We will have many more videos coming in the near future!

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MLM Network Marketing Training | The Right Ad For Craigslist

In today’s MLM Network Marketing Training tip, I show you how to correctly write and upload an ad to craigslist. To generate MLM leads with craigslist you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Pick a category. I feel the best MLM leads come from the admin/office, customer service and sales categories. I work a ton in the customer service category

Step 2: Write a very basic headline. I give a great example of this in the video.

Step 3: Write the ad copy. Make sure its a “classic” classified style of 3-4 lines of content and a call to action. Again, there’s a live example of this in the video

Step 4: No images, phone numbers, links, or web addresses in the ad itself. You’ll get much better MLM leads when you follow this approach.

Step 5: Pay for your ad!

I’ve generated a consistent amount of MLM Leads from Craigslist for a while and its all due to following the steps in this video as well as the one I did on the 10 rules for craigslist. Locate that video and watch it as well.

For more MLM Network Marketing and how you can get MLM leads from other great sources, please visit my website NOW. Here’s the link:
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