2016 SGI Road Safety Campaign


2016 SGI Road Safety Campaign

Saskatchewan continues to hold the dubious title for having the least safe roads in the country. To combat our unsafe driving habits we went straight for the heart, well, the heartstring that is. 5 drivers, 5 roads, 5 poor driving behaviours, one metaphorical intersection – who’s in the wrong? They all are. #TakeCareOutThere
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Alberta Ferretti Advertising Campaign for Autumn/Winter 2016

Alberta Ferretti Advertising Campaign for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Starring Kate Moss
Photographed by Luigi & Iango

Discover more on bit.ly/katemossforalbertaferretti

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  1. everytime this add is on a different youtube video I don't skip it even if it says skip ad I don't becase of how much I like watching it (does that make me sound like a bad person) I like watching it bacase,um, I don't know why just when ever I see it I feel bad skipping it

  2. my brother was paralyzed for life in an alcohol related accident, he was the passenger.
    Flown to Regina,Sk with air ambulance We almost lost him!!!!
    It's been almost 15 years now and the pain and heartbreak of what happened is still very real and very painful!!!!
    Please please please don't drink and drive or text while driving.
    The heartache NEVER leaves never 😭

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