Experiential Marketing Campaign- Colgate Keep Britain Smiling


Experiential Marketing Campaign- Colgate Keep Britain Smiling

Blazinstar Experiential helped Colgate to raise a smile amongst shoppers at West London shopping centre, by creating and implementing an engaging live brand experience, in a bid to raise money for 1000’s of disadvantaged children.
The campaign is part of a wider initiative created by VML London, Kinetic and produced by Grand Visual to Keep Britain Smiling.
Blazinstar Experiential assisted in Colgate’s aim is to collect one million ‘smiles’, in support of children’s charity Barnardo’s..
Consumers were encouraged to pose for a photo and ‘share a smile for charity’ their snap appearing instantly on a large format digital billboard outside Westfield.
Free samples were handed out, and participants were directed to Colgate’s Facebook page where every photograph of a smile was worth ten smiles, comments counted as two smiles, and ‘likes’ were treated as one smile.
Once its smile-o-meter reached its target, Colgate made a £100,000 donation to Barnardo’s
Barnardo’s assistant director Allan McLaren said: “Barnardo’s are delighted to be involved in such an imaginative and ground breaking campaign. £100K really will change the life for thousands of the most disadvantaged children across the UK. On behalf of all these children I would like to say a huge thank you to Colgate and to all the agencies and experts who are making this possible.”
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Mercedes-Benz Invisible Car Campaign

Designed to capture the attention of consumers and bring attention to cars that don’t significantly impact the environment, Mercedes has launched an inventive advertising campaign regarding hydrogen-powered cars. Mercedes-Benz has created a new commercial to promote a vehicle that uses F-CELL hydrogen technology. Designed to advertise the car’s ability to produce zero emissions and protect the environment, Mercedes-Benz covered the automobile in several mats of LEDs on the driver side of the car and mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera on the opposite side of the vehicle. The Canon 5D Mark II shoots video on the passenger side of the car and the video is displayed in real time on the driver side of the automobile. This concept is somewhat similar to the “invisibility coat” designed by a Japanese scientist during 2003 or the iPad 2 Halloween costume that displays a giant, grotesque hole in the human body.
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