RSA – Anatomy of a split second


RSA – Anatomy of a split second

Texting while driving makes you up to 23 times more likely to crash. So why do some people still do it?

The answer is that if you’ve gotten away with it once, you think you’ll get away with it again. But it only needs to happen once, and in the words of so many victims of road traffic crashes: “it only takes a split second”.

Our latest campaign for mobile distraction focuses on just this point. We see a split second under the microscope – caught in time. A split second is all it takes. And of their mobile phone, we ask the viewer: “would it kill you to put it away?”
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5 Minutes With Billy Gene: Facebook Advertising Boost... Don't Do It! - Episode 3

Thinking of using the Facebook advertising boost? Don’t Do IT! In this video I’ll show you WHY we almost NEVER use the boost in Facebook Advertising.

It’s a common mistake that we see advertisers making all the time with Facebook — that is using the Boost Post Button to blast their ads out to users. But that’s a WHOPPIN’ no, no!

I’m bringing this up because you’re actually doing your business a disservice by using this button for most advertising campaigns. Yes, there are a few (specific) circumstances in which it makes sense, but they’re rare. I’ll get to those in a minute, but first I want to talk about why you SHOULDN’T be using Boost Post in 99% of Facebook advertising scenarios.

The reason why I strongly recommend against Boost is because the advertising, targeting and bidding options are FAR TOO LIMITED. When you create an audience with Boost Post, you can only target by country, state, city, age, gender and 4 to 10 interests.

That might seem OK. But why limit yourself to a handful of targeting options when you have literally hundreds of options at the click of your mouse inside Facebook’s Power Editor?

With Power Editor, not only do you have the Boost Post options available, but you also have choices like income, radius around a location, zip codes, homeownership, vehicle ownership, past buying behaviors, personal and business interests, and SO many more!

Power Editor opens a whole new world of possibilities for adding layer upon layer of targeting that will hone your campaigns down to a powerful laser point. This way your ads only appear to those who are most likely to become customers — you’re no longer paying to put your ads in front of people who will never buy. And that means more efficient campaigns, much higher results, much lower costs, a happy Facebook company, and a thrilled client.

Facebook Boost vs. Facebook Power

So let’s put this into perspective. Let’s say you have a client who is a plastic surgeon in LA, and he wants to use Facebook ads to generate leads for his surgical procedures.

Well, as much as women around the country might want to look like Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian, most just can’t afford Kim Kardashian’s looks because she pays big money for them.

So, when you’re choosing targeting options for this Doc’s campaign, it’s important that you’re able to target by various levels of income. Some plastic surgery procedures are more expensive than others, and some clinics are more expensive than others. Most surgeons have a specialty, and that specialty probably won’t fit adults of every age, so you need to look at those demographics.

Does this surgeon have a high-end brand? Does he cater to the generally affluent or only the one-percenters? Then not only do you look at income, but also those that have very high-value homes, multiple homes, and the types of vehicles they drive — as well as buying behaviors that include high-end department store purchases, investments, premium credit cards, and who read mags like Martha Stewart Living.

See where I’m going with this? Power Editor really does offer a buttload of targeting opportunities!

So you see, if you don’t match the advertiser with potential clients who not only want the procedure, but can afford that procedure — your campaign is going to bomb. And you’ll have just wasted a bunch of the Doc’s money.

See what I mean about a little Boost vs. rocket POWER in your Facebook advertising?

If you’re just boosting posts now, I can guarantee you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

The only time Boost is OK (sort of) for Facebook advertising

There is only one time that we, on the agency level, actually find ourselves using the Boost Post Button, and that’s when we are intentionally targeting only people who like a page or we’re advertising the page itself to build likes and followers — not to sell products or services.

You might wonder why you would ever advertise only to your page fans … it’s because Facebook only shows your posts to about 2 to 3% of your friends and followers.

Yup, if you’re not boosting a post, only a 2 in 100 people will get to see it. And very often it’s as low as 1 in 100. So, if you want more than a couple of people to see a post, you’re going to have to Boost it to get decent distribution. Sucks, but it is what it is. Facebook sets the rules.

If you want to just reach your core audience, people who are already familiar with you and your Facebook page, Boost is a great way to do that because it’s usually less expensive than advertising through the Power Editor or Ads Manager.

But for every other type of FB advertising campaign — and I mean EVERY one — use Power Editor! Your clients will thank you for it.
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  3. This is the creepiest add I've ever seen every time I see it on the telly I walk out the room or change it I hate it

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