Slipper Spurge


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Slipper Spurge
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Common name: Devil’s Backbone, Japanese Poinsettia, Slipper Spurge, Redbird Cactus, Christmas Candle

Botanical name: Pedilanthus tithymaloides
– [ (ped-ill-AN-thus) shoe flower; (tith-ee-mal-OY-deez) resembles Tithymalus (the ancient name used by Pliny the Elder to describe a Euphorbia) ]
Synonym: Euphorbia tithymaloides
Family: Euphorbiaceae (castor, euphorbia, or spurge family)
– [ (yoo-for-bee-AY-see-ay) the Euphorbia family, named for Euphorbus, Greek physician to Juba II, King of Mauretania ]

Origin: Tropical Americas

Devil’s Backbone is a common succulent from the Tropical Americas found mostly in house gardens. The fleshy tubular stems are thin pencil like, grow zig zag and produce thick, dark-green or variegated, fleshy, cordate leaves.

All pedilanthus have peculiar beak shaped flowers. To some, the flower bracts resemble a slipper, hence one of its many common names. Devil’s Backbone has bright white and pink coloured flowers. The plant makes a good hedge/border plant, which can be trimmed. The livestock donot browse the plant as it is poisonous.

It thrives in partial shade and well-drained sandy soil. Planting should be done in the spring. Devil’s backbones do best in bright indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight.

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