Knowing the Best Welding Tools for Your Welding Process


If you have a welding area in your workshop then you can surely bring in new creative opportunities in your welding projects. It is because, working with the metal provides extremely different dimension to the process and adds durability as well as stability to the creations. One can simply learn the art of welding at any particular point, but it is also necessary to make use of the right equipment. Understanding what kinds of tools you need can get you started in the right way.

Welding – Kinds

Arc welders and torch welders are two major types of welders. Although, arc welders come in various different kinds, but they all function in the same manner. A circuit is created by fixing the metal base to a power source and plugging the filler to the same power source, to the metal base. Through this, an electric spark is created that melt the filler, converting it into the weld. For the beginners, automatic feed arc welders are suggested over the stick arc welders, as it requires more skill. Torch welders, on the other hand are not recommended for the beginners. Because the process involves open flame and compressed fuel tanks that can further result in hazardous combustion, if not used properly.

Safety Precautions

Welding is considered as an activity to join two or more metal pieces together. However, it can even create serious injuries, burns and blindness if not conducted properly. Basically, welders used to work with the molten materials, electricity, sparks, and in open flame, so it is recommended not to take the task lightly. In fact, one needs to consider and purchase all the essential safety equipments before obtaining any kind of tools for their home-based workshop. Also, it is important to ensure that no body part is exposed to fire, heat or any injury.

Metal Cutting

It is imperative to have right kind of tools to cut the metal. Today, there are different types of saws, plasma cutters and torch cutters available. As a beginner, you should make use of a carbide saw first, until you get used to using a torch; it is because torch provides excellent quality cuts as it carves metal by rapidly oxidizing it. Plasma cutters are the best tools for cutting all kinds of metals, as it produces clear, accurate and fast cuts; however, plasma units are much more expensive than others.

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