Calvin Klein Fall 2016 #mycalvins Global Campaign


Calvin Klein Fall 2016 #mycalvins Global Campaign

Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the Fall 2016 Calvin Klein global advertising campaign spotlights an evolved cast of talent that encompasses actors, musicians, cultural icons, athletes, fashion idols, social media heavyweights, artists, and professional and street cast models โ€“ often paired together to create a dynamic and artful mix of visuals. Those featured include Frank Ocean, Kate Moss, Margot Robbie, Young Thug, Bella Hadid, Grace Coddington, Cameron Dallas, James Rodriguez, Zoe Kravitz, Lola Kirke, Henry Rollins, G.E.M., Moโ€™ne Davis, Sonoya Mizuno, Yung Beef, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Aomi Muyock, Cuba Tornado Scott, Selah Marley, Kacy Hill, Keith Ape, Presley Walker Gerber, Anna Ewers, Mark Maceachen and Roos Abels, Tommy Genesis, Yung Lean and more. #mycalvins
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The Two Best Political Ads of 2016: Jason Kander, Gerald Daugherty

The two best political ads this season come from Jason Kander with an ad titled “Background Checks” and from Gerald Daugherty with “Please Re-elect Gerald.” Have you seen any other really effective or funny ads? Post it in the comments!
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  1. ? goรบd? Me need a Calvin Klein ensemble๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Thx u. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜คโ™Ž

  2. This add goes back to one of the problems I had with Jason Kander. Virtually his whole campaign was "Vote for me I in the military." Very few issue ads. it made me feel like he was trying to use his military service to coverโ€‹ up who he was or was not.

  3. I'm so glad that the gun grabbing pinko Kander lost. No one cares that you can assemble a rifle, commie.

  4. If Kander had run as a Republican, he would have won. But voters have grown smart to realize just because you were in the service does not mean you are a conservative. As for Daugherty, he won his reelection bid. Travis County has become a bunch of liberal pansies who don't even have the smarts to realize they are destroying the very thing they like about Texas. Daugherty is the only Republican on the County Commission – just goes to show you how far some areas of Texas have fallen.

  5. Oh my, this Please Re-elect Gerald ad is the absolutely best political ad I've ever seen!!! Way funnyโ€ฆ๐Ÿ’š

  6. …and is it too much to ask for Background Checks for Firearm purchases?

    If I were running for office – it would be a standard AND – Repeating weapons would be on my list to cease the sales w/o a commission to purchase.

    The NRA could rot before I budged on that – a man can hunt and protect his property with a single shot or a bow!

    There not one sound statement of rebuttal –

  7. That 2nd one – was really great advertising – "she was from so real – it can be fake!"

    God Bless real people all "2" of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kander is is gun banning Marxist scum! Keep this gun banner and pantsuit wearing scum back home in MO!

  9. Hey,Jason…I learned to do the very same thing with an M-14 and an M-16 a long,long time ago at Fort Knox.And yet I know that you will vote every single time with whatever Maoist succeeds Dirty Harry Reid.That makes you dangerous,Scooter.I'll take Senator Blunt,thank you very much.

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