The Pitch — Episode 11- Create A Social Media Campaign


The Pitch -- Episode 11- Create A Social Media Campaign

This week, our jury at The Pitch along with marketing guru and humanitarian, Ingrid Sinha has decided to test the finalists with their capability to create a social media marketing campaign for a social cause. Who do you think will come with an excellent marketing plan and who will have to bid a farewell? Find out on this episode of Bloomberg TV India’s ThePitch.

‘The Pitch’, a one of its kind show in India that invites the country’s best entrepreneurs to a contest of skills and business plans, to walk away with a cool Rs. 5 Crore to take their business idea to the next level.

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  1. what a fake show…first off its a show about securing funds for your startup….this show is more like reality TV…such dumbshit….why cant enterpreneurs in India be treated as enterpreneurs …. this is like me going to school and being tormented by teachers..for god sake these people are 30+…and the judges…who are they?? if they are known figures….i think india should look upto people with more talent… one looks like a kid who got beat up at school regulary…the other one looks like the kid who stole cookies from her gandmas jar and thot it was funny..

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  3. 1000 Rupees…what is that $16.00 US?  Trying to get 10,000 views?  There's a business math problem to solve.

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