A Mom’s Shout Out: “My Baby Can Read!”


As a parent, one of your best contributions to your baby is his or her mental development. To assess how far you have gone with his or her mental growth is to evaluate his or her ability to read and speak. Hence, it is very important that you teach your baby to read and speak excellently. On reading, isn’t it pretty amazing to see (and hear) your child reading? Specifically, isn’t it overwhelming to shout this to the world: “My baby can read!”?

However, before you can ultimately exclaim “My baby can read”, you need a lot of patience to teach baby to read. Remember, babies have short attention span. ‘Reading classes’ should be long enough to allow him or her to learn a few letters and words to read, as well as short enough to grab hold of his or her full attention. Do not force to teach him or her all day long. Do not even attempt to teach your baby to read after a tiring activity. You will not be successful. During your teaching session, try to be creative so your baby will enjoy it or else, he or she will fall asleep or will throw tantrums.

Also, it is necessary that you prepare yourself from doing this important task before thinking of declaring “my baby can read”. Do not be overly excited. Buy flashcards and DVDs, which can serve as helpful tools toward your goal of finally telling everyone in your family and your circle of friends that “my baby can read”. You may also want to take a look in the My Baby Can Read program. It received huge appreciation from parents who took the program for their babies. My Baby Can Read reviews can also help you. It is where you will hear (or read) feedbacks directly from parents.

Until the time you say “My baby can read”, do not think that you are off the ‘reading class’. Not just yet. You need to continue it until she reaches the age of five. You see, the best time to teach your baby how to read is from birth to five years. At this stage, he or she easily absorbs everything around him or her. His or her brain can take anything that you send in. So, make the most out of it if you wish to raise an excellent child.

Mary Anne a mother of a 3 kids and love’s to teach them in an early age. You can contact her at info@mybabycanreadreviews.org, or visit his website at My Baby