Sprite Giant Soda Machine Shower Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Sprite Giant Soda Machine Shower Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

In Brazil, beach-goers are enjoying the sun and refreshing taste of Sprite soda. Not to mention the free shower! Yes, that’s right…Sprite installed a giant shower on the beach! Before you go any further, let me first clarify that it wasn’t actually Sprite soda, but a water shower. With that being said, what a brilliant campaign!

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  1. How funny! And it's also funny that in Brazil the people pronounce "Sprite" different. They say "Sprite-shee". I ordered a bottle of Sprite at the airport in Curitiba and the Saleswoman was confused and said "Sprite..? Sprite..? Aw, Sprit-shee!"

  2. That's because dumb American's don't need crafty advertising in order to get suckered into consuming. Sadly, consumer-whoredom is an American way of life. I say 'an' and not 'the' because not all American's lack critical thought, just most.

  3. I'd do this, but I'd immediately jump into the ocean right afterwards – because I hate being sticky.

  4. I'm with ya there. Japan even had the free coke machine that talks to you and recognizes smiles.

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