Social Media Strategies – 10 Tips For Creating Results


My husband and I were talking the other day about the dynamics of Social Media and which were the best Social Media Strategies we could offer a newcomer to the web 2.0 scene. One of the first questions I am usually asked is “Do you have any recommendations on how to develop meaningful content for my social communities?”

Here are a few of my Top Social Media Strategies:

1. Choose Your Networks Wisely

Your active in the community. Check. You are posting the most amazing content EVER. Check. Whoops you present to the wrong crowd? FAIL. Don’t just join all and any social network, but the ones that are best suited for your business. Unfortunately I learned that the hard way and wasted a lot of precious time (and time IS money).

2. Activity Trumps Content (at least for a few months)

When first joining a new Social Network. Participate in existing discussions and threads first. You should be studying what content and material gets the most attention (whether in views, votes, comments, “diggs”, etc.) Knowing your audience is key and make strategic relationships with heavy hitters.

Once you’ve past the point and joined the right community, been active in participating, now you are ready to share. But what to share…?

3. Tell Stories.

Stories Sell, Facts Tell. People LOVE stories. People gather around storytellers. We are attracted to other people’s experience…especially when it can relate or tie into the reason or theme of your Social Community.

4. Give it up, Punk!

Sharing your knowledge and expertise is always popular. It also sets you up in a place of authority and develops a listening audience. I mean isn’t that the main reason you join Social Communities in the first place? To meet and generate new prospects, friends, customers, business associates, and so on and so forth.

5. The Best Bait? A List!

Did it work for you? My article “Social Media Strategies: 10 Tips For Creating Results”. (: It works. Next time you’re in line at the grocery store or gas station, glance at the hottest magazines. “Four New Exercises That Will Flatten Abs” … “20 Greatest U2 Songs Revealed” … “Lure That Bar Hottie In With Just 5 Come-Hither Dance Moves” …or WHATEVER. Lists are popular no matter WHO the crowd is. Lists catch eyes. Make them funny, tips, resources, rankings… sky is the limit.

6. Learn To Write Great Headlines or Status Updates

Do your research and pick up a book on Web Copy. There are proven words in the English Language to promote “click-thru” rates and emotional response. That is what you’re looking for…people to respond and react to you and your content!

7. But You Have to Deliver

You can come up with the best headline in the world, but if you don’t deliver on content? People will quickly lose trust in your ability to rise to the occasion.

8. Cite External Resources/References When Applicable

This can be especially vital if posting in Social Networks where documentation beats conversation. Have a study, article, reference guide, even a story to back up a claim can seriously up your Expert Ante. Also, a person who provides resources that a congruent with the topics at hand are seen as extremely valuable individuals for what they offer to the marketplace.

9. Use Imagery To Illustrate Your Point

Video and photos can be strong reinforcements. They also help making large blocks of text easy to read.

10. What’s In It For Me?

Tell your audience what’s in it for them It can be your headline or early in your content. Lay out the reasons people should continuing giving you there undivided attention.

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