How To Succeed In Advertising


There are many factors that lead to a successful marketing, one of which is the advertising campaign. If you want your ad to be really effective, you need to have significant ingredients. Lots of ad campaigns fail because of poor ad copy. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ascertain wha your ad is going to do. Is it designed to sell straight away or to create curiosity for your vistor?

Have you ever looked through some classified ads in your local newspaper or even your favorite ezine and suddenly found one that catches your eye? Why does this ad stand out from the rest? Let us look at a few points that will help to make your ad stand out and be seen.


Your headline: Needs to be an attention grabber. We are all aware of the immense amount of advertising that daily bombards us. Your most important part of your ad is your headline. It is critical that it grabs your reader’s attention. For instance “How to Increase Your Website Profits With An Irresistible Sales Letter,” addresses what every webmaster in business wants to do, make profits, and shows them how you will help them do it, with a sales letter. In one headline you have done 2 things caught your readers attention by addressing his need and shown him how you can help him fulfill that need.


Note the wording of this particular headline that makes it more effective. It could have read, “Increase your profits with a sales letter,” but that would not have been as effective. Because this advertising is designed to sell a sales letter, for a website, I added Your Website adding “your” makes the advertising more personal and appealing. It is not just a sales letter but an irresistible sales letter, indicating that I will write a “kick the doors down” sales letter as opposed to just a common everyday sales letter. This immediately brings a positive feeling to the reader, and makes him want to read more. This is a selling ad for a sales letter but the same principles can be applied to any ad that is selling a product.


The 2nd type of headline would be one that creates immediate curiosity in your reader. For instance “have you ever wanted to be financially secure, but did not know how?” Questions excite curiosity, and everyone wants to be financially secure. This will grab your reader’s attention by appealing to his need and leads him into your next sentence the body of your ad to see what your solution might be. This would be for your small ad that is trying to get your visitor to click through to your sales page. This is a presell ad.


The body of your ad will be where you will entice your reader with the benefits of your product. This will either persuade him to buy or click through. It is important to emphasize benefits not features, a common mistake. For instance “Fast and efficient service” is your feature and “No waiting for days, costing you valuable sales” is how it will benefit your reader. For a small ad 2-3 benefits are enough. You would add more for a larger solo ad.


After you have excited your reader with the benefits of your product you will need a definite “call to action.” For instance, “Check it out for yourself” with the link. Look over your ads and put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Have you got headlines that will grab his attention? Does your ad give positive benefits? Lastly is there a positive “call for action?” If your ad does all this then you are ready to use it in your ad campaign. Your ad is your salesman; make sure you are using it in the most effective way.


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