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Image by Daniele Pedrini
Latitude/Longitude=(46.409292 , 11.754483 ) Near Geonames: Ciampie Trentino Italy (Map link)

Bournemouth Balloon – Exeter Road, Bournemouth
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Image by ell brown
In Bournemouth close to the various hotels and access to the beaches and pier.

From Exeter Road.

Views of the Bournemouth Balloon behind the Royal Exeter Hotel. It seems to be fixed to the ground, as I saw it keep going up and down.

(Information from the above website link)

Let your imagination soar as you experience Bournemouth in a whole new way from the gondola of a giant helium balloon!

Riders will be enchanted with a spectacular panoramic view of the English Channel and surrounding area for up to 20 miles from the highest public observation point in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Balloon facts

Designed and engineered by ground-breaking and award-winning Lindstrand Technologies, the Bournemouth Balloon was also inspected and certified as an aircraft by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in 2008.

The large balloon is called The Envelope.
Below it is The Gondola – a ring that allows passengers to ride up, to get stunning views of Bournemouth.