Chocolate Overdose


A few nice Advertising Products images I found:

Chocolate Overdose
Advertising Products
Image by MSVG
Tim Hortons has introduced "Chocolate Time"! It’s a limited time offer of all new chocolate products, such as;

– Their new Hot Chocolate Supreme with added chocolate syrup, whipped topping, and chocolate drizzle.
– Their "delicious" new Triple Chocolate Donut with rich chocolatey filling topped with chocolate fondant and chocolate chips.
– Existing products include their Triple Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Danish and Chocolate Chip Muffin.

They also have very fine print stating *At participating restaurants for a limited time. Contains artificial flavours. ‘Nuff Said!

Their chocolate donut is pure crap in my opinion… looks like it too!

On the first day they introduced these new products, I got a new triple chocolate donut and the Hot Chocolate Supreme.

The Hot Chocolate supreme was such a ripoff. They filled my extra large coffee cup half way with the hot chocolate and the rest with the whipped creme crap; I was expecting a 3:1 ratio of hot chocolate vs whipped creme.

They also probably messed up on the donut because instead of a chocolate filling they had a boston creme filling. I admit that was f***en delicious! I tried their "real" triple chocolate donut a few days later and spit it right out. Yuk!

Tim Hortons is only successful because of their coffee and convenience (that’s why i go there frequently). Here’s an idea! Instead of wasting money on new products and all that advertising, how about bring down the prices to what they used to be? (and invest in hiring polite employees as you’re lacking them…)