How to Use the Google Keyword Planner (vs. Keyword Tool) for SEO


How to Use the Google Keyword Planner (vs. Keyword Tool) for SEO

Updated video at! Free SEO Toolbook at and free class materials at KEYWORD PLANNER – Learning how to use the Keyword Planner is a must for both AdWords and SEO. This tutorial explains how to use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO (Search Engine Optimization purposes) and for AdWords. Here are some tips and tricks! Let’s get started with the new and exciting Keyword Planner! In it you will

* Learn how to set up the Keyword Planner for keyword discovery.
* Learn how to find educational, transactional, early and late stage keywords.
* Learn how to optimize the tool so that you get specific useful keywords for search engine optimization and AdWords.

Have Fun!
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  1. Excellente' Jason, I spoke with you today, your customer assistance is impeccable. THANKS!! Suzanne

  2. I called Help # on google adwords and they ran it through on their end for me..sent an email to me which I replied back a free account since I'm just using it for adwords/tools and not a campaign

  3. I've got the same issue…How do I get a FREE adwords account? Do I need to put in a credit card?

  4. Okay, I can't get past the first step….How do I get a FREE Adwords account? Every way I google it comes up with paid accounts only. What am I missing?

  5. why I don't use this tools?
    when I search adword don't show the same too u
    place search keywords

  6. lol, some good basic info here but you showcase why google adwords can be such a rip off. Poor old south bay orthopedic just incurred a $4 cost as a result of your demo… How many absolutely useless clicks occur on adwords through competition and people doing videos like this 😉

  7. What is the name of that nifty tool you were using to highlight in red rectangles? BTW, this video was truly outstanding!

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