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Online video is the fastest and most powerful social media tool that companies should use while preparing their Internet marketing and social media strategies. It is easier to get a message across visually as opposed to just reading some content. YouTube is an Internet marketers dream tool and it is so easy to use. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video should be worth a lot more. Best of all videos can show up at the top of the page in Googles natural search results. A YouTube video that is properly optimized can even outrank the most popular websites.

The average person has a short attention span, so a good start is to make a video that is short, sweet and to the point. When youre ready to upload your video to YouTube you will need to create a title, tags and a description. Since the search engine spiders cannot read or understand videos you must use the text fields to optimize your videos properly. Your titles, descriptions and tags should contain keywords that are both relevant to your content and also relevant for getting viewers that are executing searches.

You must do keyword research to make sure you find the best most searched and relevant keywords fro your video. Remember Original content is what YouTube visitors want to see. The more originality you add in describing the video the better off you will be. Use YouTubes Ads Keywords Tool in order to find the most search for keywords. You should also maximize the amount of text you can have. More text will give you a better chance of someone finding and clicking on your video. Keyword optimization also works best when you use basic copywriting techniques. This is because your titles and descriptions are just like classified ads and they should sound or look interesting to attract users to view its content.

The average video on YouTube only receives about 100 views annually. So if you optimize properly you should have no problem surpassing that figure. In essence optimizing a video starts the same way you would do the onsite optimization for a website. When you optimize your videos you get more viewers, and more targeted traffic that will be introduced to your product or service.

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SEO & Search Engine Marketing How To Optimize Your Content Marketing For Maximum Traffic From Google

Search engine optimization has more misleading advice and shady “service providers” than anything I’ve seen online. This video is going to give you a solid grasp of the basics of SEO in just one video.

Search engine marketing and optimizing for search engines has helped my wife and I grow our business from the ground up with as little as 0 to start.

This small investment in a web hosting combined with a large investment of time and energy creating and publishing content and optimizing that content has led us to reach nearly 10 million people with 20 million page views in just seven years.

If you stay focused on the core concepts and the basics of SEO… Ignore the hype, the sales messages for the shiny “shortcuts” and shady “blog network” vendors you can build a solid website that drives hundreds of thousands of visits per month from the search engines, too.

It is always important to begin by thinking about the platform your publishing to, in this case it’s Google, and what their goals are.

Understanding that the search engines goal is to deliver 1) highly relevant and engaging results for its users and 2) relevant advertisements so it can earn revenue you quickly can realize that becoming a partner of Google who publishes excellent quality and highly engaging content focused on what people are searching for is key.

You can help Google achieve their goals and in return Google will rank you high and drive traffic your way. The only “shortcut” there is to achieve success with search engine optimization and search engine marketing quickly, is to publish higher-quality content more often than your competitors. And for this I recommend you start with a 90 day challenge where you publish one excellent blog post every day for 90 days.

Aside from simply publishing the content your content needs to be focused on a specific keyword which represents a core topic in the mind of your users.

Keyword research is how you get into the mind of your target visitor and understand what they’re looking for what their needs are and where they are in the buying cycle so you can create and craft great content that answers their biggest questions while proving to Google that you are a quality publisher worthy of their users attention.

Here is my video where I show my exact process for doing keyword research… It is an hour-long consulting session I did for a close friend that I recorded to show you my exact process for professional keyword research:

The video goes deeper into how to structure your content marketing within your content management system in order to achieve maximum results. We look at what parts of page design and layout are important for you to focus on so you can trigger the most ranking factors in Google’s algorithm for SEO and outrank your competitors.

From the title and descriptions to the headline, heading tags and the concept of turning your post into a multimedia destination are all covered at length. These are the techy nuts and bolts of SEO and there’s really only a handful of them you need to understand in order to optimize your content marketing efforts.

There’s definitely a lot of overlap from what is covered in this video and what was covered in the YouTube SEO video which you can watch here:

To be perfectly honest, if you really want to dominate at organic search engine optimization your best bet is to also dominate at YouTube SEO creating a content marketing strategy that leverages both video marketing and organic search engine marketing together.

This is why I have continued to mention content marketing because search engine optimization should really just be one pillar in an overall content marketing strategy… And I will cover content marketing in depth later in another video.

Some people (who are often trying to sell you SEO courses) claim that the real “trick” to search engine optimization is all about outreach and getting other people to link to you. I am not from this school of thought and in the process of generating tens of millions of page views through organic search engine optimization, I’ve never really implemented this method. I do not believe you are required to do outreach in order to be successful with SEO.

The truth is you need to publish comprehensive, long-form, multimedia, engaging content that raises the bar on every topic and keywords you target.

Simply do that more than your competitors and you will win.

Other videos you will find helpful are the keyword research video:

How to get organic traffic from Google:

And if you want to learn how a solid Google SEO and organic search engine optimization strategy can boost the effectiveness of your facebook advertising campaigns, watch this video:
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  1. I think that this and your YouTube SEO video's are the best of the bunch. I really like the fact that you promote hard work and relevant content. You're absolutely right, Google's people are the "Smart kids in the class" with A.I. gaining ground daily, it's impossible to game the system.

  2. Brother Miles, I just watched your video for the fourth time, your energy is refreshing. Thanks for getting back to me with a thank you,. I was shocked a busy guy such as your self would take the time. I am spending 3 to 4 hours a night just learning from you and your ideas, there are so many idiots on youtube that over complicate or under state the work and processes involved with seo and ranking. you my friend have found the perfect balance with a no bull shit honesty that most any video publisher on youtube could learn from. I fully enjoy learning from your videos and have been sharing them with everyone i know who wants to know more on this subject. I really want to thank you for all the time you put in for us who want to know and posses the ability to be successful on the web and all our campains. You are a good man with a good heart and soul and it shows. Peace to you and yous godbless. Wayne Jordan

  3. Hi Miles, You & your wife sound like you make an amazing team. Just a quick question, is there any way to somehow incorporate WordPress (and the ability to use keywords with SEO) into an already existing HTML website?

  4. Hey nice channel!

    We're just launching our our channel and appreciate what you're doing. We could no doubt learn a lot from you. Keep up the good work and we'll be keeping an eye out for some more of your videos 🙂

    Deepak and the team at Purr Traffic

  5. Hi, Miles, I listened to every word you said on your video from start to finish. Wonderful tutorial and well-explained route to get SEO done correctly. Very much appreciated for making this tutorial for improving my site. Thanks

  6. It's been a little bit since I had to use the keyword planner but it seems as tho there was a change with them not showing exact match searches … do you know a work around without setting up a campaign?

  7. Hi Miles
    Really enjoyed ur video and I get it if u r selling a physical product, its easy to come up with great content. But I have a client that wants me to do seo for her website and she runs a driving school locally. So how would I structure a site on this, as she doesn't sell an actual product, she teaches people to drive.

  8. i notice your vids start with you sitting there; we don't see you fiddling with the camera, so there must be some editing to it. what do you use to clip this out?

  9. Awesome video and bang on with your advice so thanks Miles. I did notice your website isn't https though 😉

  10. Great stuff . Although I knew most of this stuff , I appreciate you encouraging the blogging everyday . Something I will be doing more of .

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