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Image from page 40 of “Military and religious life in the Middle Ages and at the period of the Renaissance” (1870)
Index kings,
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Identifier: gri_33125008050011
Title: Military and religious life in the Middle Ages and at the period of the Renaissance
Year: 1870 (1870s)
Authors: Jacob, P. L., 1806-1884
Subjects: Middle Ages Civilization, Medieval Civilization, Renaissance Costume Military art and science Christian life
Publisher: London : Bickers & Son
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
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Fig. 14.— Chateau de la Panouze (Aveyron), type of a French Feudal Castle of the FourteenthCentury, of -which remains still exist.—From a Miniature in a Manuscript in the NationalLibrary of Paris. superior, a middle, and an inferior judicial court were recognised. The firstalone possessed the power of life and death. The more considerable fiefs hadusually attached to them the right to exercise the highest justice, but therewere exceptions to this rule. A vavasseur, for instance, might sometimesappeal against this highest justice, while a seignior, who was only entitled toexercise the inferior justiciary rights, might inflict death on all robberscaught in flagrante delicto on his lands. FEUDALISM.

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Fig. 15.—View overlooking the Castle of Pierrefonds (beginning of the Fifteenth Century), asrestored by M. Viollet-le-Duc, in his Dictionnaire dArchitecture. The privilege of coining money, always a sure index of sovereignty,together with the exclusion of all foreign jurisdiction and of all external I 2 FEUDALISM. authority from the area of each fief, also constituted two important pre-rogatives. Finally, the fief, with its privileges, always remained intact; itpassed invariably to the eldest of the family, on the sole condition of hispaying homage to the suzerain. Most of the churches and abbeys, such as those of Saint-Denis, of Saint-Martin des Champs, and of Saint-Germain des Pres (Fig. 16), which proudlyreared their towers and spires opposite the Louvre of the kings of France,exercised on their own account all the feudal rights which they hadacquired by reason of the territorial possessions as well as by the concessionslavishly ceded to them by their sovereigns. The archbishops,

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1898 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Index kings,
Image by UIC Digital Collections
1898 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
College of Physicians and Surgeons. Class 1898

as pictured, top to bottom, left to right
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in 1921 alumni record

Samuel Carson Garber
Timothy V. Overton
Thomas Ulysses McManus
Leo Louis Cahill
Paul S. Scholes
Robert Emmerson
Francis Sebastian Feeney
Matthew E. McManes
Charles Albert Kittredge
Roy A. Roszell
William Abraham Purington
William Robert Pennington
G. Wisse *
George F. Newhall

Ira Hugh Dillon
Hugh Martin Hall
John H. Slater
George H. Sollenbarger
Charles Edward Simpson
Benjamin F. Kirkland
Herman Corwin Homer
Victor V. Bacon
John Arthur Mutchler
Frank Beach Whitmore
William Godfrey Wedner
J. Baptist Butts
Ward Redfield Ford
William Truman Stone

Felix Kalacinski
J. L. Walsh * (there is a James Lawson Walsh listed in the class of 1899 alumni record, but not pictured in the class of 1899 composite)
Henry Bernard Graeser
John Francis Corbin
Daniel Gilmore Simpson
Thomas J. Hambley

William Belitz
Wesley Morley Sherin
George E. Coon
J. T. Milnamow, MD
F. Eldridge Wynekoop, MS, MD
Adolph Gehrmann, MD
W. T. Eckley, MD
T. B. Wiggin, MD
F. R. Sherwood, MD
J. N. Bartholomew, BS, MD
Wentworth Lee Irwin
William Harold Vary
Bayard Taylor Stevenson

Stephen Roman Pietrowicz
Charles Frederick Stotz
W. H. G. Logan, DDS
T. A. Davis, MD
John B. Murphy, MD
Daniel A. K. Steele, MD
Frank B. Earle, MD
W. M. Harsha, MD
John Henry Hovenden
George Van Wyland

William Flockton Brownell
William J. Steele
A. H. Brumback, MD
John A. Benson, AM, MD
George F. Butler, PhG, MD
William.E. Quine, MD
Oscar A. King, MD
M. L. Goodkind, MD
Edward C. Seufert, MD
Patrick Robert Minahan
Jacob Bursma

Franz F. Schuldt
William Turpin Dowdall
J. M. G. Carter, MA, MD, ScD, PhD
G. W. Post, AM, MD
W. S. Christopher, MD
William Allen Pusey, AM, MD
Bayard Holmes, BS, MD
Robert H. Babcock, AM, MD
Henry J. Swink
Martin L. Hooper

Amos Foster Conard
Henry G. Schuessler
E. G. Earle, MD
Moreau R. Brown, MD
Henry Parker Newman, AM, MD
Albert E. Hoadley, MD
John E. Harper, MD
Henry T. Byford, AM, MD
J. A. Wesener, PhC, MD
Aloysius N. J. Dolan
Bartholomew F. Flanagan

Eugene Colburn Knight
Emmanuel F. Snydacker
W. Augustus Evans, MD
T. Melville Hardie, AM, MD
Elizabeth M. Heelan, Clerk
John H. Curtis, MD
G. Frank Lydston, MD
Oliver P. Kemp
Darwin E. Brown

William Petersmeyer
William H. Stayner
Charles Ellsworth Husk
Ernest Alexander Hunt
Marcus Samuel Fletcher
Willibald John Wehle

David A. T. Bjorkman
William E. Hart
Olander E. Wald
John Jacob Wuerth
Addison Carey Page
Eugene D. Whitney
Geoffrey Joseph Fleming
Frank Howard Conner
Harry Randolph Spickermon
Eunice Bertha Hamill
Jenny Lind Phillips
Charles Franklin Whitmer

Charles Paris Proudfoot
David Gillison Wells
Charles Stuart Hutchison
Milton C. Wolf
M. Arista Bingley
Amandus U. Fuson
John Stephen Nagel
Frank B. Lucas
Emery Marcus Byers
Arvid Ernest Kohler
Charles I. Wynekoop
Walter S. Bebb
Henry Courtland Rogers

Eliza A. Lyon
James M. Beveridge
George Rubin
Simeon Ryerson Johnson
James M. Neff
Otto H. Pagelsen
Louis Githens Witherspoon
Frederick Hamilton Blayney
Bert Mather Carr
Henry Lester Baker
Clarence Bruce King
Austin Ulysses Simpson
Fred D. Pratz

Not pictured:
Alfred Careno Crofton
George B. M. Hill
Andrew Baxter Miller
Carl Downer Stone

University of Illinois College of Medicine Graduating Class Composite Photos. Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library

This image may be used freely, with attribution, for research, study and educational purposes. For permission to publish, distribute, or use this image for any other purpose, please contact Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library at

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Belgique – 21 juillet 2011 – Escorte royale à Cheval
Index kings,
Image by saigneurdeguerre
Europe Europa
Belgique België Belgien Belgium Belgica
Bruxelles Brussel Brüssel Brussels Bruxelas

Jeudi, 21 juillet 2011.