No Kings are Related to these Beaches


Kings beach got its name from a card shark who went by the name Joe King, who had won the town site from George Whittel in a card game. Funny, isn’t it, as you’d think it was because royalty resided in this place. There are three separate main beaches that go along the highway 28 in Kings Beach, they are the Coon Street Picnic Area, Kings Beach Recreation Area, and the North Tahoe Beach Center.

The Coon Street Picnic Area is known for its boat launching area,  located at the end of Coon Street in Kings beach. This is totally dependent on the lake levels, as if the levels are low then they will not allow the facility to be open as it isn’t safe. Also, Coon Street Picnic Area has the only public dog beach in Kings beach and in Tahoe Vista, this is found at the east side of Coon  Street Picnic Area.

You could say the Kings Beach Recreation Area is the main beach, hence why it is the only one that has King’s beach in its title unlike the others. It is the largest public access beach on the Northern region of Lake Tahoe, also this is one of the warmest swimming areas on the lake and the beach is adjacent to the Kings Beach Plaza. This is the one where you will find water toy rentals, a playground which over looks the water and is an area where the children can have fun, volley ball and loads of other beach activities and games related facilities. It’s no wonder why this beach is popular with visitors and residents of Lake Tahoe. Also here is the North Tahoe Water sports which where you will find the para sailing rides, jet ski and kayak rentals.

The King’s Plaza is located in the heart between Coon street Boat Launch and Kings Beach Recreation Area. It is surrounded by Jeffrey pine trees. Here you find a beautiful patio styled courtyard encircled by walking paths. The Plaza plays host to various events such as Arts and Crafts fairs, Fine Arts Fairs and they are always open to welcoming new events.

North Tahoe Beach Center is owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy, and they also look after it. This has had millions pumped into as it has been renovated recently, which saw a few new things added and improved. There is a picnic shelter that has has a BBQ and can seat up to 90 people, it can also be rented out for weddings,parties, picnics and other similar events. Other than that, if it isn’t rented then it is on the basis of first come first served.

You will find that each beach doesn’t have any food services on them – but the good thing is that you are never a few steps away from some of Lake Tahoe’s best restaurants, so maybe you would feel it would be ideal to look at one of the Lake Tahoe vacation rentals here because although this area wasn’t named after a king it sure seems like you would be treated like one.

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