Tyrion Targaryen: is Tyrion the Mad King’s son? [S5/ADWD spoilers]


Tyrion Targaryen: is Tyrion the Mad King's son? [S5/ADWD spoilers]

In Game of Thrones / ASOIAF, is Tyrion Lannister secretly the son of the Mad King Aerys Targaryen? What would that mean for his relationship with Tywin?

This video contains major spoilers for Books 1-3 / Seasons 1-4 and some minor spoilers/references for Books 4-5 and Dunk & Egg. Basically, if you’ve read Books 1-3 or seen Seasons 1-4, you can watch this video without having anything significant spoiled.

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Thanks to María Mariño Costa for the Spanish captions.

7:03 There are actually several strong examples of accurate prophecy in A Song of Ice and Fire, including those of the Ghost of High Heart and Patchface
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  1. I just thought of something, what if Jon ends up killing Sansa? because he technically didn't kill Ygritte and unless the person he loved and killed was Mance then he has yet to fulfill that prophecy as opposed to tyrion and dany

  2. I think Jaime is Aerys' son. I mean, it makes sense since Aerys definitely could've passed his madness down to Jaime. Also, it would make Jaime (and already awesome character) even more interesting! It would mean he actually killed his own father and, potentially, could end up on the Iron Throne! I think it would be too obvious and forced, if Tyrion, Jon or Dany got it 😉

  3. Don't forget the fact that Tyrion didn't catch greyscale when the stonemen groped him and Jon Connington (books) / Jorah Mormont (tv show). Targaryens are immune to greyscale.

  4. So everyone is Targaryen, THE END, 🙂
    but it's still a nice theory, your arguments is also great, but I still dont believe it

  5. When Tywin calls Tyrion ill-made i think he is talking about Aerys and Joanna as i doubt he would call something he and Joanna made 'ill-made'.

  6. Tyrion's Biology doesn't cheapen the relationship with Tywin. That man still raised him and was still his father. He just didn't do a very good job of being one.

  7. Jamie and Cersi are Aerys' children. Jamie did not just kill his own King during Roberts Rebellion, he killed his own father, the thing he hates Tyrion for doing

  8. It could also be that Cersei and Jamie are targaryens – incest, madness, lust for power (Tywin and Tyrion both seem to be made for power, but neither chase it). Considering that the mad king had interest in Joanna lannister – and it was her marriage to Tywin that played a crucial role in the breaking of their friendship – i feel it is possible they are Aerys' bastards, plus Tywons sister tells Jamie 'Tyrion is Tywin's son, not you."

  9. I think that at least one of Tywin's sons is a Targaryen, but it could not be Tyrion… do the math (?)

  10. ive watched all your content now but this one has the funniest line when you say "guess what i took a shit in you keep the other day it was wonderfull!!!!!" bahahahahahaha classic ,not sure if this will get seen but oh well.

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    That would be awesome.

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