It’s An Advertising World!


Agree or not, its an advertising world we are living in. Earlier advertising was considered a subset of marketing to promote the brand image and to generate awareness about the brand amongst the target customers with prior objective to enhance sales for the product. However, the concept, understanding and practice of advertising activities in todays world is a beyond the norm of a marketing subset. Advertising of late has become a full-fledged activity which holds a major share in the overall revenue of the economy.

Tools and trends of modern advertising

Modern Advertising adopts latest tools as well as trends. Various tools are added, brand new techniques are introduced- all encompassing the advertising objectives of brands. Also the launch of new-age media such as mobile phone devices and internet media, have created a boom in the advertising practices of maximum number of brand owners. Brand advertising at present is just a click or call away in todays world through internet and mobile advertising devices. Also providing customized and personalized brand information to target customers, internet and mobile advertising rule the roost amongst the various modes of brand promotion.

How advertising evolved from conventional techniques?

Earlier advertising practices were dependent upon conventional tools and techniques. Technological revolution in all these years has however changed the entire facet and practice of brand promotion. Time, effort and even resource saving, modern tools and techniques of advertising are a boon for brand owners to launch their promotion campaigns with a touch of perfection.

Its indeed an advertising world. The launch of new brands in the market further enhances the requirement for more and more brand promotion practices. All in all, advertising is a mandatory as well as a requisite tool for every brand owner in order to create a boost in the overall brand business.

Advertising has become a liberal art of communication in todays marketing world. Quite amusingly, its not just brands that are advertised, any sort of function, event, cause or even a TV serial is advertised. Serial advertising is something new and quite surprisingly, various outdoor advertisers in particular are interested in such kind of promotions. If you happen to wander around the city, dont be surprised to come across various serial ads displayed at bus shelters, roadside billboards, traffic signals etc. The ad space for such type of promotion is owned by the advertiser on behalf of the owner of the channel (via which the serial is live). The endless numbers of soaps and serials which are launched via various

television channels finally found some effectual means of promotion in order to increase their TRPs. In some cases, superhit movies (which are going to be launched through a particular television channel) are even advertised. It is a different cup of tea to ponder behind the objectives of such promotions. However, for the channel owners, it is one of the business providers to broadcast or re-run a particular superhit movie through it.

India is one such country where people are highly influenced by advertising in any of its forms and through any of its modes. From a cosmetic item to a mega event, it is important to advertise if that particular brand/event/cause has to be in the limelight. It is a globally known notion that less advertised brands are less popular. In India, maximum numbers of customers tend to buy any product or service as a high-end impact or result of advertising. For brand owners and advertisers its like Advertising ke liye kuch bhi karega No wonder, the melodramas are always a vital part of any Indian ad campaign which make the advertised product/service more lucrative and influential (to the target customers).

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