Dirty Bomb – Quality Poor Ping Quality Gameplay


Dirty Bomb - Quality Poor Ping Quality Gameplay

Y’know when you see someone running around with a high ping and reckon they have an advantage because they’re harder to hit? This is what it looks like from their perspective (in a worse case scenario :P).

Sometimes my internet will randomly decide to fluctuate about at ~600-900+ ping for no real reason :/ This is one of the times I had my recording software open and thought it might be interesting to record it. I’ll blame my sucky aim on the ping rather than my sucky aim.
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ping (flood a site) with CMD (Command Prompt)

hi youtube
i will show you how to ping a website aka flood with only command prompt
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  1. HI there.. Still you have these problems? When i check in speed test it says my ping is 80! but in DB its showing 200-400… Its sick!!

  2. I used to play with 74-89 ping which was excellent but after the server maintenance its 120-126. Looks a lot like your gameplay lol.

  3. no, make a batch file of this
    ping < > -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
    goto :loop
    make sure to name it as: writerandomshithere.bat

  4. When you DDoS someone like this. the other person can see your IP address. you should use a VPN to hide your own address.

  5. HOLY SHIT, this needs to be patched. with just cmd u can send 32 WHOLE BYTES of data to ANY IP. And with today's low-level internet speeds its just too much for most routers to handle. GOD SAVE US

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