Backlink Monitor from Inspyder – Link Management Tool for serious SEOs – Backlink Checker


Backlink Monitor from Inspyder - Link Management Tool for serious SEOs - Backlink Checker

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How do you manage all the links you build with your tools?

That is the question I get asked at least 10 times per week so I decided to shoot a quick video and share with you what I do to manage all my links.

Problem 1 – Fishing in the dark
Most of the time you never know which links are live or what your anchor text or back link profile looks like.
Link aggregators like ahrefs, Moz or Majestic only show you a small fraction of all your links out there – so do you really want to rely on these services? – I don’t and that is why I use Backlink Monitor.

Problem 2 – Tiered Linking:
Lets say you just build 100 Tier 1 links that point to your money site and then you plan to boost this Tier 1 layer with 1000 Tier 2 links and then you want to boost the layer 2 with 100.000 Tier 3 links.

In my eyes it is absolutely important that you always know which links are live no matter where in the link hierarchy they are.

Because, and I think this is obvious for most but I still see this so often – building Tier 3 links to Tier 2 links that point to a broken Tier 1 link is useless and just costs you time and money because there is no direct flow of link juice to your money site anymore.

This link management tool gathers all the important information about your links:

Links to
Outbound links
Domain Page Rank
Page Page Rank
Alexa Rank
page authority
domain authority
moz trust
indexing status
anchor text of course
IP address and many more.

I personally use this tool for two main reasons:

1. I want to see what is going on without relying on aggregators that only show me a part of the picture.


2. I want to know where I have to adjust my backlinking or where I have to send more juice to.

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  1. Daniel – outstanding tutorial. It really helped me to fully understand all the great features of this wonderful tool. Great job!

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