SEO Link Building: Backlinks Still Effective? PBNs, Social Signals, Press Releases


SEO Link Building: Backlinks Still Effective? PBNs, Social Signals, Press Releases

SEO Link Building – Do you still need to build backlinks in order to rank on page 1 of Google. In this video, I talk about the truth of what is required to rank on page one of google, and some 100% white hat ways to build backlinks to your website.

I believe back linking is still incredibly important to good SEO rankings… and in this video I reveal 3 powerful backlinks for 2017: Including backlinks that increase social signals, press releases, and Private blog networks!
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  1. Hey Dan, great content, just wondering from your experience, how would you go about hosting the PBN's? Would you put each on a separate plan so the Ip address changes, or do you put them all on a single shared hosting plan?

    Thanks hope you can help me out, I've been stuck on this issue for days!

  2. Hey Dan, For the PBN you recommend getting new domains and not expired domains. If you are trying to rank in Low to Medium Competitive spaces wouldn't you rather purchased expired domains that have decent Trust Flow (Majestic) and Authority ratings? How do new domains give you enough boost to rank?

  3. you mentioned stop building links to your vid… how do you go about building links to the vid? web 2.0s, social bookmarks??? how often do you build links to them?

  4. new to this, love the vid…. do you recommend for every new article I post on my website, to also purchase the $5gigs I fiverr?

    does it work well with YouTube vids as well?

  5. The quote "I've gotten recent emails from deadbeats saying you no longer have to build links" Is about me hahaha. But yeah, I feel as if people on mainstream SEO sites push White Hat bs up people's butts too much like "quality content is ALL you have to do to rank"…

  6. Can the Blogs be a part of my pre-existing websites? or should they get a fresh domain of its own? Like the "officiial blog of my main website"

  7. HI Dan, If i already have a website, will the deadbeat system course still be of good value to me?

  8. I've got a website that is ranking #3 right now for "how to whiten teeth" in a non-english internet savvy country. It's also about to rank #1 for "teeth whitening" in that country's language. These two searches receive about 30,000+ searches per month. My affiliate offer gives me $65. Do you think I'll be able to manage $10k a month from this? My affiliate product page is being translated into my language right now, so I haven't been able to make commissions yet.

  9. Hey Dan…great content, as usual….I want to be an affiliate to your program. I have bought it and I have followed all the steps in the Deadbeat SuperAffiliate programme. I have set everything up, but you are yet to approve me. I've sent mails to you and I've followed the right application path on my end…I just need you to approve me from your end. I'd really appreciate this, if you can help me out. Thanks in anticipation

  10. Great stuff on SEO. Love the tips. I'm currently reading SEO 2017 by Adam Clarke and it's got a lot of great and useful info. Some of what you say is backed up what's in the book, other things are new to me. Thanks for helping to expand my knowledge.

  11. so are you saying build a blog site… then have a seperate site with all the products which you get to from the blog site??

    if this is the case you need to change your course… or add an extra lesson explaining this…

    not a slant btw… I learnt loads from the course but that changes a lot

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