$0.01 Facebook Page Likes OCT 2015 with Facebook Ads Power Editor Tutorial


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BEST FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE | How To Get Cheap Facebook Page Likes For .004 each!

BEST FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE | How To Get Page Likes For .004. Learn to get Cheap likes on Facebook!

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Learn how to get the lowest cost for Facebook Page Likes. With this skill you will be able to grow any page on Facebook with real genuine people.

In this tutorial, I will show you the exact Ad I used to get page likes for .004. I will also show you how to do this Facebook Ad campaign from scratch!

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The exact method is listed here:


1. Find a clear and attractive picture that says “I love you”

2. Create a “Promote Your Page” advert, and use this post for the campaign.

3. Target / Include these Locations:

Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Tunisia

4. Connections – Exclude People Who Like your pages already (or this leads to wasting money)

5. Target the Age Groups of 13-24

6. Target English (UK) and English (US). English (All) will probably target both.

7. Interests: Love

8. Set Ad budget of just to drive the cost as low as possible for minimal output!

9. Create The Media – Use the ‘I Love You’ Image, and Use the wording “Like to spread the feeling?”

10. Let the ad run for 24 hours to drive cost to 0.004 (or similar)

11. Scale up the 0.00 Likes to whatever your budget will reach!!

At 0.004-0.005 you can achieve:

10,000 real likes at a cost of -50. I got 29,000 for 7 (0.0036, rounded up to 0.004)

100,000 real likes at a cost of 0 – 500

1,000,000 real likes at a cost 00 – 00

And so on!

Good Luck!! 🙂

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What are the requirements?

If you are looking to use Facebook to make money, create brand awareness and/or build an audience, you will get the most effective strategies to do so in this course
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.01 Facebook Page Likes OCT 2015 with Facebook Ads Power Editor Tutorial” src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/KLy-8RPPNmU/mqdefault.jpg” />

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Time Stamps:
1:09 – Free preview of my best-selling Udemy course
2:30 – Preview of my active page like campaigns.
5:30 – I want followers that watch my videos and interact with my page posts.
7:44 – My Facebook page is for building long-term relationships and social proof.
10:10 – How to duplicate ad sets that are performing well.
16:25 – How to find low cost countries to run ads in.
27:36 – Using the Power Editor to quickly update your Facebook ads.
33:29 – Using interest targeting to reach the most relevant followers.
43:08 – If you have any questions join me in my Facebook course!
53:40 – Video ads work best for getting engagement in the U.S.
54:44 – Creating like campaigns in the U.S.

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  1. Yes this method will get you more likes. Yes it will destroy your facebook pixel for the most efficiently targeted audience.

    I would never put money into a WC ad with the type of audience/fan information you're collecting..

  2. Jerry you are awesome, i haven't seen this kind of tutorial yet all other video shows auto liker cheap methods, but are just mind blowing. definitely i like to join your course on udemy..tons of thanks for sharing this video . i really appreciate your effort.
    not least i have like your facebook 🙂 also.

    your new friend from India

  3. Hi Jerry, What is the difference between the $50.00 FB Course "March 2016 Success Strategy" and the $35.00 FB Course with 27 hours of training? Do the courses overlap? Are the entirely different? If both courses should be purchased to get comprehensive training which should be the 1st one to buy? If only 1 should be purchased – which one? Thanks. Excellent.

  4. Disagree with your methods entirely. Look at your stats, 55,529 post engagements, 4 clicks. That is is CTR of 0.000072. That number is beyond horrible. Plus, you get a large audience who doesnt speak english and dont have any money. I have done this myself and gotten almost 1000k likes a week, but what good is it? No one was clicking on my website. Your Click through Rate is so bad, you would be better spending that $5 for display networks on google ads.

  5. There's great disadvantages to this method… By building this type of following/fans it'll destroy the accuracy of you're custom/lookalike audiences. You can argue these fans are "valuable" but i highly doubt you would want to shovel money out to reach this audience with a WC ad.

    you are a very helpful man
    doing your method and got tons of likes in hours!
    and sure will buy your course.

  7. What I don't understand is why I would want likes from Romania or India or Bangladesh… if my target market is in US….. why I would target people from those country for????

  8. You are passionate about your subject. I knew this was going to be fruitful.
    Excellent tutorial. Thanks.

  9. Hello @Suppoman_Udemy your video is very helpfull, i usethe same target and i got a lot of like to my page

  10. How much is your post engagement? Because recently I saw a video on Youtube which explicitly explains how Facebook sells fake likes from countries like Egypt, India, Bangladesh etc etc. Its not a co-incidence that likes from these countries are fake and as such hold no authenticity. Facebook is fraud

  11. promote page is not an option from the ads manager-campaign objective. Under awareness I have Brand awareness, Local awareness, Reach. Does anyone know why?

  12. Could you please do some video tutorial on how to use the adds manager and power editor. As well as go through what all the analytics mean and how we can use these tools to optimize our content. You explain things so good and make it easy to follow. Thank you so much for reading this. Have a great day. I get list of value form your videos. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much. Awesome info. Awesome page. You are awesome. Thank you thank you. And this actually works. Do you later on go into your analytics and adjust the ads or just let it run.

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