(Ep 4) How to Design Awesome Email Campaigns


(Ep 4) How to Design Awesome Email Campaigns

Today’s email marketing services provide easy to use tools to create mobile-friendly email campaigns. But with the constant changes to email clients, phone sizes, and HTML/CSS support. how do you know where to spend your time creating the perfect design?

In this discussion, we welcome Justine Jordan, Marketing Director at Litmus, to talk about email design, testing, and most importantly, how to design an email campaign that delights your subscribers and gets them to take action.

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(1:49) Get to know Litmus, an email design, testing, and analytics software service.

(2:55) Why is it so important to design our email campaigns for mobile? And does email design just mean “how the email looks?” We have to remember the entire experience we want to give our subscribers when designing an email.

(6:42) Is there ever a time when you don’t want to design your emails to be a mobile-first customer experience? The real key to make this decision is to back it up with data, understand there’s a spectrum to how mobile-friendly your design needs to be, and know the appropriate resources to invest.

(9:01) What are the best practices for mobile email design? Justine talks about font sizes, big buttons, single columns, and more.

(14:21) Let’s do an example email test! Justine talks about the tests that Litmus provides and how we can dig deeper into the analytics of how our subscribers interact with our emails, beyond just what our email service providers give us. Then, Stephan brings up a recent test to illustrate the differences between email programs, and how important it is to test because the primary call to action in his email was hidden below the fold in most mobile devices! Watch how we showed the disconnect between the design and the goal of the email, and how the test brought this to light.

PSSST: Want a free two-week trial to Litmus? Justine gave us a “Friends of Shovi” link right here: http://litmus.com/lp/shovi

(22:41) How do I make business decisions around email design so I can deliver the best experience possible? Where should I focus my testing efforts?

(24:35) Why did my open rate go up in 2014, and why does Gmail have so much more market share in my email marketing client reports? Litmus’s 2015 State of Email Report broke down all the changes affecting email design in Gmail, Inbox, etc. We talked a little about Gmail caching and the effect it has on the metrics we are getting from our email service providers (especially for geolocation segmentation).

(31:09) Email design isn’t all tables and old-fashioned HTML. There are some brands, Litmus included, doing amazing things and pushing the envelope with their email campaigns. Justine gives us a few of her favorites, and a tip on how to push the envelope without alienating the subscribers who won’t be able to see those changes because their devices don’t support them.

Shovi Websites creates marketing strategies that make businesses more connected to their customers in today’s attention economy. One of the ways they do this is through online education series productions like this one. If you’d like to learn if this idea is right for your business, contact Stephan at 781-538-5901.
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  1. Email Design is More Than Just How it Looks
    That was the underlying theme behind today's Get Smart About Email Marketing finale with +Stephan Hovnanian and +Justine Jordan of +Litmus. 

    Watch the replay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1j4O12FW0M

    There are timestamps of the highlights in the YouTube description, but bottom line, when you design your email campaigns, you need to take into consideration the experience you're creating for your subscriber from start to finish. You may only get one chance to make that impression, literally…Justine shared an eye-opening stat about people unsubscribing because the emails weren't mobile-friendly. If that happens, you don't get to reach them, ever! That would stink!!

    We have a great walk-through from Stephan of a test he ran that also shows how important it is to match the design of your email to its goal. Enjoy!

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