The Best Way to Use Classified Ad Marketing


The Best Way to Use Classified Ad Marketing

Classified ad marketing still works, its fast and ads are usually published within 24 hours or less giving your immediate exposure to thousands of potential buyers!
The problem is that it can be very time consuming submitting classified ads every month.

Every site has a different set of criteria it seems which makes submitting ads a very frustrating experience. Most advertisers never reach their full potential with classified ad advertising because of the time and effort it takes to constantly post ads.

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Pedigree Shelter Dogs - Ad Marketing and Branding Campaign

Read how emotional marketing is used to create strong customer connections at the emotional marketing blog at:

The smart marketers at Pedigree started their emotional marketing campaign by putting aside their own agenda about dog food. They were obsessed with the feelings of their customers, and for dog lovers, pets are family. This Pedigree ad uses the powerful feeling of family love to open up the mind and the heart. Then, the product feature can be subtly attached to that feeling.
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