High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority


High Page Rank Backlinks - How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

High Page Rank Backlinks – How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority

In this video I show you how to increase your YouTube channel authority using a little unknown backlink. If you are using video marketing you your marketing strategy, this is a great way to get your YouTube channel set on a firm foundation.

This method can be completed using on 5 minutes of your time.

Why should you even attempt to increase your YouTube authority?

Here a few reasons:
– Builds your channel authority
– Makes ranking videos easier
– Great way to start building authority for new YouTube channels

******* Please DO NOT over use this method, which could raise red flags toward your YouTube channel. Only complete this task no more than 5 times per



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Marc Bell Shows How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Authority – Too Easy [ The 10 Wealth Group ]

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Social Bookmarking | High PR Backlinks | [Step-22] CPA Marketing Bangla Tutorial


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In this video I have shown how to create Social Bookmarking high pr backlinks. This way is very effective to bring lot of traffic and backlinks creation. If we can put our website link in high pr social bookmarking site we get more traffic and our website get ranks in google searching.

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  1. I added long tail keyword for my video: how to look younger naturally and really appreciate your tips.

  2. Thanks M.B. starting my page which a friend got me interested in doing (youtube channel) but when I called him the other day to get info on what it is that I had to do to get up and running & just to fine tune my channel, he had no clue so thanks again at least this is a start.

  3. Thank you for making this video, My channel is still really new. Helpful information but that high pitch beeping sound is horrible.

  4. Hi Marc, what software do you use to show your screen and also have a recording of you on the side in a small screen. how did you do that? Is it screen flow? very helpful video by the way.

  5. very well said man !!!!, everyone has a skill … so true, so many people ignore that and chase someone else's dream !!, then they are disappointed cause they fail. btw don,t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

  6. man that was the first video that explained a little bit about actually getting youtube authority that you can implement.. Fantastic.. One question though?  you showed the way to place a link in your slide but never spoke on when or how to use it .. Do you use it or not? Thanks

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