Mournful Congregation – The Book of Kings (2011) full album


Mournful Congregation - The Book of Kings (2011) full album

Direct links are provided to purchase the album on CD, vinyl and digital format. Links are also given for Mournful Congregation, Weird Truth Productions, 20 Buck Spin, Osmose Productions and Ostra Records. CD released by the aforementioned labels, 2011. Vinyl version and vinyl box set by Ostra Records, 2012.

CD/vinyl/cassette/shirt/patch purchase (Weird Truth Productions webstore)

CD purchase (20 Buck Spin webshop)

CD/vinyl purchase (Osmose Productions webshop)

Digital format (20 Buck Spin, bandcamp)

Digital format (Osmose Productions, bandcamp)

This is the Weird Truth Productions CD pressing, 2011 (1,000 copies)

1. The Catechism of Depression
2. The Waterless Streams
3. The Bitter Veils of Solemnity
4. The Book of Kings

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