How to get Wikipedia backlinks to skyrocket your SEO rankings


How to get Wikipedia backlinks to skyrocket your SEO rankings

Getting Wikipedia backlinks is the easy part. The hard part is keeping the backlinks live. Wikipedia links can add a strong authoritative element to your backlink profile and when it comes to building an authority site, these links are the type of diversification that your website’s SEO strategy needs.

Since YouTube told me “Brackets aren’t allowed in your description,” I have pasted everything you need in a blog post here:
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  2. Bit more clear talking, bit more preparation and i would've enjoyed this video really much but at around 7:48 i was just like.. DUDE

  3. I am highly impressed with your informative video, and if I have any question, so I will definitely ask you, and you are such a genius and blessed.

  4. your voice is hard to hear, speak too fast, dont understand for non speaker english like me

  5. I'm from Brazil, there is no Wikipedia page for a product that I'm selling. Is it ok to create a page than link to my website.

  6. How can your providing a citation to a source other than your website provide a backlink to your website? Wouldn't it create a back link to the citation?

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