David Stockman-Gold Prices Will Soar When Central Banks Fail


David Stockman-Gold Prices Will Soar When Central Banks Fail

Former Reagan Administration Budget Director David Stockman’s view of the wealthy buying gold is most sobering and illuminating. Stockman contends, “I think some people are realizing the central bank era of bubble finance and massive money printing is leading to a dead end and some kind of crackup phase in the world monetary system and a breakdown of confidence in the central banks. I think what this means is when the market loses confidence in the current regime, when they no longer believe the Fed has your back, that there is a put under the market or that they know what they are doing, when that confidence finally evaporates, the monetary system will be in crisis. Gold prices, in my view, will soar because it will be seen as the last refuge of monetary assets that are outside the purview of the control of a failing central bank system. I don’t think we have seen anything yet. It’s only a matter of time when we see the gold price revisit the ,950 per ounce price that was achieved a few years ago and probably goes well beyond that.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with David Stockman, the best-selling author of the new book titled “Trumped!”

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  1. David Stockman is a well-informed fool (a fool of integrity I will listen to no matter how much I find myself in disagreement with him). Trump is not a disruptor so much as a trickster … Let's see how quickly Stockman owns up to that fact and starts criticizing the Trump Kleptocracy .

  2. You either are a consumer (debtor) or a capitalist (creditor). No matter who is in political power. Debtor slaves are consumers. Only buy what you need not what you "want". Savings are capital surplus to your "needs". Keep them at a minimum.

  3. An "investment" is a guaranteed fixed return backed by civil law. Everything else is speculation. Physics of wealth 101.Buy and sell at a higher price is what Wall Street is all about. Bonds are an investment. End of story. 50 years of learning. Way over priced valuations. Stocks are not money. Binds are unless criminal activity is involved.

  4. Any reference to president Reagen is misguided. Reagen was a puppet in a long line of puppets to the present day. Both Trump and Clinton are puppets. I like Greg's work, but he will never name the group of people who pull the strings behind the scenes. nor David Stockman. Would not want to be labeled a racist.

  5. Not to detract from Stockman's general message….. I take issue with his contention that the media did not help Reagan in 1980….. The Iran hostage situation was going on. And I heard that that situation was artificially extended to help Reagan win the White House. Then, miraculously, the hostages were freed the day Reagan was inaugurated. Where was the digging up of the story there?

  6. what will happen if the central banks do not fail, but just keep chugging along? the gold is not in the SDR basket at this time, that I can tell. The pound sterling is, but it is long ago divorced from the price of the metal. Shouldn't we keep more cash than metals? cuz the cash is still the legal tender

  7. need to go back to gold standard and ban Keynesian economic models( just like the climate changers want to outlaw opposition to climate change deniers). We'll have to crash first and the central banks will of course attempt to come to the rescue w their keynesian solutions with an even more gargantuan monetary easing. We need to throw them all in jail when that time comes.

  8. maybe china overbuilt because they know something that we do not.. maybe if china's currency replaces the dollar as the world's reserve currency – there may be a hugh migration of people from the u.s. to china. why? because the u.s. will be third world at that point. i'm mentally ready to move. just need to learn the language.

  9. Another great interview Greg. Lately you have been hitting on all of the critical elements that threaten our existence.

  10. As long as the dollar is viable, the fed and the ESF will be empowered to use derivatives to keep the stock market inflated and the bond market from collapsing.

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