Greatest ad campaign ever!


Greatest ad campaign ever!

A fantastic case – the future of advertising.
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  1. Spending enormous amounts of money, time and effort on fcking useless things.
    Welcome to the "New Normal"

  2. Can you please watch my Video " Abused by The state of Northern Ireland "( only 3 mins of your time ) Please and pass on to as many people and groups relating to the content Subject as you can, I will be Deeply grateful as currently I am One of the ones that was Interviewed By the HIA Solicitors and have been told that this Enquiry will take at least another 3 years and I already think that by the End of that time most people will have forgotten about it and that no action will happen.

  3. Im surprised how many of you didn't get it! Its not that they try to prove print is better, they are proving guerrilla marketing is better through a SISOMO Campaign! Come on most of was were really interested, I wanted to see what was up with ZooTv.

  4. Nope. This is initially a gorrilla campaign, not so much social media. Also, "old fashioned" print campaigns (print is also media which only came into the marketing scene during the industrial age, a little over a century ago) can just as well be integrated with social media without building a zoo.

  5. The negative aspects of the example should have been exaggerated to a greater extent.

    With this, 110 of the seconds completely contradicts the final 10 second key message that most people probably never got to.

  6. So basically the core message is: "Because you might make the world a different place, stop trying new things." BRILLIANT!
    Excuse me while I throw away all my books and my kindle and find a local hermit lady to tell me about medicine.

  7. @bennijolink It proves that the social media lead to the product itself becoming obsolete, making the campaign a campaign for the campaign. So I heard you like campaigns 😀

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