Top 10 The Best Car Commercials 2016 (Funny Super Bowl 50 Ads)


Top 10 The Best Car Commercials 2016  (Funny Super Bowl 50 Ads)

Top 10 The Best Car Commercials 2016 List :

1 – 2016 Hyundai Genesis Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘First Date’ Feat. Kevin Hart
2 – Honda Ridgeline Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘New Truck to Love’ Song by Queen
3 – Toyota Prius Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘Heck on Wheels’
4 – 2017 Hyundai Elantra Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘Ryanville’
5 – Toyota Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘The Longest Chase’
6 – 2016 Toyota Prius Commercials, ‘Hunters’
7 – Kia Super Bowl 2016 Extended Commercials, ‘Walken Closet’ Ft Christopher Walken
8 – Buick Cascada Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘Big Day’ Feat. Odell Beckham Jr
9 – 2017 Hyundai Elantra Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘The Chase’
10 – MINI Clubman Super Bowl 2016 Commercials, ‘Defy Labels’ Feat. Serena Williams
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Coca Cola great ad Happiness starts with a smile

Coca-Cola: Happiness starts here
Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Antwerp, Belgium
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Creative Director: Olivier Verhellen
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great commercial
funny tvc
Art director: Olivier Verhellen
Copywriter: Antony Samson
Account Manager: Perrine Madrenas
Producer: Marcia Van Camp
Production Assistant: Evelien Dewinter
DOP: Pieter Bollen
Camera: Pieter Bollen, Stefan De Clercq, Gertjan Van Haver
Sound: Jevon Lambrechts
Actor: Geert Van De Vijver
Published: August 2014
Video Rating:5


  1. fck!!! I just noticed those robberers wore pink masks!😂 what robberer in the world would wear a pink mask during a heist!?

  2. That first prius one burnt my eyes. the second one left me facepalmed and burnt my eyes and then the third…. well that was just fully fckng retarded.

  3. 0:36 not sure if "you are my favorite girl" is the right thing to say to her. Considering he got other "lesser favorite" girls lol

  4. after wathcing thouse ads with prius i feel myself sad.
    God bless dodge, gm and fomoco with their V8

  5. Why would a kid be happy for a prius. And all the owners are proud about is being Eco-friendly.

  6. Who goes and open a present that is a Prius and loves it. I would rather open a nothing than a Prius

  7. Damn what was that a Ford LTD, Crown Victoria or F-Super Duty ad in the Toyota ad? Thanks Toyota for make me feel proud of my old full size Ford… Honestly i hate the Prius and the Camry. the best Toyota cars for me are the Crown and Mark X. (RWD Cars)

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