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Old Man Logan Vs Vampire Jubilee & Dracula - ANAD Complete Story

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  1. Hey COMICSTORIAN, i love your vids! Can you please list your amazing music collection in the descriptions. Im trying to find them but i unfortunately have no luck. I love this vid music, whats the name?

  2. why is Jubilee son's name Sogo 🙂 she's Vietnamese right ? it should be Hải or something :)))))

  3. hey i remember the howling commandos new version the hulk named them because he liked nick fury's howling commandos before that they had some very long boring acronym created by some super intelligent zombie tactical nerd, i always hated the vampire jubilee.

  4. hey Benny enjoy your videos, but I find it odd you haven't done a howling commands/ S.T.A.K.E videos yet, why is that?
    Just a curious fan

  5. they should of advanced her control of her powers and fighting ability and who she is now verse who she was….come on, she is is still rocking her 90's style

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