How to Turn Everyday Email Into Persuasive Ad Campaigns


The average employee sends about 38 emails per day, but if you work for yourself – especially if you are an internet marketer or run a business online – you could be sending even more. And if the only extra you’re including with your regular email communications is your general business or contact information, you could be wasting precious marketing opportunities every day.

If you’re not already using regular email to your best direct marketing advantage, this article will get you on the right track to turning everyday emails into persuasive advertising campaigns.

How To Turn The Everyday Into Extra Persuasive

Why not turn your regular emails to colleagues, suppliers, JV partners, vendors, virtual assistants, and even friends and family into mini advertisements? When you do, every one of your recipients become potential de facto members of your sales team when they correspond with others or, better yet, forward your email on to address tasks for you.

You can use this direct marketing technique whenever you introduce new products or services, have a new promotion or special offer, want to blow out existing inventory or just to remind people what makes you different from your competition by promoting your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition.)

A cut above the regular email signature, adding a significantly more strategic email enhancement is something every business, internet marketer and entrepreneur can benefit from.

Your add-on could be as simple as additional text below your name at the end of your email announcing a new product launch with a phone number to call or email to write to for more information, to something more sophisticated like a banner ad, custom widget or graphical application that when clicked on takes your readers to the sales page for your new product or promotion.

As with regular referrals, there is evidence to suggest that promoting your product or service via the emails you and your team send every day can make a persuasive advertising vehicle.

Have a new promotion you want to add to your email?

In most cases, you don’t need any special software to send out these enhanced type of emails. You can usually just add the message as part of your signature (to keep things completely automatic) or just copy or paste it anywhere in your message if you’re more comfortable doing it manually.

In most cases you can do the same thing with a graphic. Just make sure its in jpg or gif format to ensure its compatible and either make it part of your signature or manually paste it into each of your emails. If you have any trouble, any good freelance programmer can set this up for you quite easily.

Either way, applying this strategy will add more value to your email messages and get additional free exposure for you, your business, your products and the promotions you run. And extra exposure is always a good thing, especially in the internet marketing world.

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