Using Amazon Product Ads To Promote Your Products


Using Amazon Product Ads To Promote Your Products

This video walks you through how I use ads and how to set up your first ad campaign.
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Dynamic Product Ads - LIKE A Boss Facebook Training

In this video, I talk about Dynamic Product Ads. To check out the full LIKE A Boss Facebook Training series, go here:
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  1. my items says
    Your ad is not eligible for impressions because your listing is not in the buy box.
    what can i do to make my product to be on the buy box?
    I increased the default bid as I learned from watching other videos

  2. I hope you will answer my question, when you creating products ad set and right panel showing "Potential Reach: Fewer than 1000 people", "Your audience is too specific for your ads to be shown. Try making it broader". How to fix that? I tried everything but no luck at all. If you know whey this is happening please let me know. thanks

  3. Hi, are the dynamic ads ONLY retargetting customers? Or do they display to new customers?

  4. Hey Travis, thanks for the video. It helps. 2 quick questions

    1. This stuff seems great moving forward, but I have always had the pixel setup on shopify store and just set up catalogue today. What's the easiest way to exclude previous buyers from ads (buyers from before I set this up)?

    2. You quickly mentioned in beginning of this vid that you did not have variables set up on product catalogue and on pixel. How do I do that?


  5. Howdy travis, hopefully you can answer this! I have many campaigns running. After breaking down every campaign by gender and age and CTR of the image, should I use a lookalike audience for those demographics and interest and still keep the campaigns running even though some of the age groups don't convert for that ad? Thanks:)

  6. Awesome Video. Exceptional value added video.

    Other than selling t-shirts, mugs, necklaces from, what other products can be sold via Facebook? And what websites can things be sourced from? thank you.

  7. Hi Travis, I saw your videos on your page and it's great! You talked about using the abandoned cart app. When do you send out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd email? Regards:)

  8. Hi Travis. Thank you for efforts.
    Can you please tell me How to Fix ''Facebook Pixel activated 2 times error'' although code has been pasted once and correct. I use GTM for tags. My Website is based on Magento

  9. How do you set up the Custom Combination sequence based on a date range? The example you gave of Days 1 – 5 etc isn't an option within Ads Manager

  10. Hi Travis,
    thanks for that video! Im trying to setup a dynamic campain. I do have uploaded the product feed successfully (I do have the same issue as you in the video with the picture size) The pixels are also in place. Yet Ad Manager tell me I have to create a product catalogue and also add external events. Whats wrong here? Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot,

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