Prada Fall Winter 2016 Menswear Advertising Campaign


Prada Fall Winter 2016 Menswear Advertising Campaign

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10 Shocking Ad Campaigns That Caused Controversy

top 10 shocking advertisement campaigns that went too far?
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The advertising and marketing industry is one of the most profitable areas of business that translates to a universal need around the world. If a business is to succeed, they most likely need advertising. Whether they are selling a product, a service, telling people who to vote for, etc. they all need advertising in order to get the public to respond to their product with a purchase or a view. For example, one of the most expensive times to buy commercial space is during the Super Bowl. If you have the dough, and want to get a surge in business, then getting an ad during busy times is keen on getting exposure on a wider level. But there is much more to advertising than just making an ad, you have to make an ad that will persuade the viewer to believe in your product, and it has to be memorable. Otherwise, your company and brand are doomed to be forgotten too soon.
But sometimes, in the marketing industry, there is such a thing as going too far. And in the advertising world, any kind of exposure is good exposure, as it makes the name and the brand memorable. This is probably why some companies are willing to go the controversial route in order to incite a reaction out of people and therefore, get more exposure for the ad that will probably end up getting banned. Here are some of the most controversial ads that have hit the air waves and print, and they’re sure to be memorable long after they were made public.

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Video Rating:5


  1. Keying is bad (21 sec near head), music – good, sound is very atmospheric. Can't to catch the moment unfortunatelly. Eddie has cool eyes yep)

  2. "She said. the use of her image in a sexual manner without her permission, was rape" Gee thanks lady for downplaying the severity of actual rape, jeez what an asshole.

  3. I remember the GoDaddy commercial that got pulled from the superbowl because they tried to make a parody commercial of Budweiser's puppy commercial that was so successful.. but GoDaddy's commercial turned out looking like it was promoting puppy mills.

  4. Wanna make an anime in Japan and not worry about censors, sure Draw the whole boob, just don't animate the nipples

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