How To Advertise Your Website – Paid or Free Traffic


How To Advertise Your Website - Paid or Free Traffic

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In this video I am speaking about how you can advertise your website using both free and paid traffic methods. Having a great looking website is awesome, but if you it does not attract the right type of visitors then it is almost worthless.

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  1. I am 15 years old, and I designed a video game website with no ads, and is not blocked by my school. I want free advertising cause I am not old enough yet to :buy: from the internet. How do I put "Secure Games" on google search engine? Here is the link to my site:

  2. Hi Sam… You mentioned creating optimized landing pages. Would these landing pages be completely separate from the main business website with a completely separate url? Or can they be sub pages on the main website created to capture leads for a specific service or product?

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