Goofing off at game, referring to breasts as Orc bombs. Would you watch if I live stream my D&D sessions every Wed?


A few nice ping bomb, images I found:

Goofing off at game, referring to breasts as Orc bombs. Would you watch if I live stream my D&D sessions every Wed?
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Bangkok. 15th January 2014.
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The fence where last night they lobbed the ping pong ball bomb over and into ex Prime Minister Abhisit’s house.

It did some of the roofing sheets in. Very nasty.

Good job it was not raining. We’ve got a high pressure system over Bangkok right now. No chance of rain for a while. So they’ve plenty of time to fix it and do a good repair job.

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Bomb Attack at Abhisit’s House
Thai PBS
January 15 2014

BANGKOK: — A ping pong bomb was thrown into the house of Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva shortly before midnight last night, causing damages to the house roof, but no injury.

Abhisit and his family members were not at home on Soi Sukhumvit 31 (Soi Sawasdee) when the explosion was heard last about 11.30 p.m.

Thonglor police arrived at the house last night said the explosion caused a

big hole on the roof tiles and shattered glass windows.

It was not known yet what kind of explosive was used in the attack, but initially they suspected it might be either a ping pong bomb or a giant lethal firecracker.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) police are inspecting the explosion scene this morning looking for evidence and clue. They are also looking into video footages from surveillance cameras at the house and adjacent areas to hunt the attacker.

Image from page 9 of “A war nurse’s diary : sketches from a Belgian field hospital” (1918)
ping bomb,
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Title: A war nurse’s diary : sketches from a Belgian field hospital
Year: 1918 (1910s)
Authors: World War I Nurse, author
Subjects: World War I Nurse Nurses Field Hospitals World War I
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A WAR NURSEbDIARY High courage, deep sympathy with-out sentimentality, and an all-savingsense of humor amid dreadfuland depressing conditions, are thesalient features of this little book.The author, who preserves heranonymity, has been over the top inthe fullest sense. She has faced bomb-ardments and aerial raids; she hascalmly removed her charges underfire; she has tended the woundedand dying amid scenes of carnageand confusion, and she has createdorder and comfort where but a shorttime before all was confusion anddiscomfort. And all the while shemarvels at the uncomplaining fort-itude of others, never counting herown! Many unusual experienceshave befallen this war nurse andshe writes of them all in a grip-ping, vivid fashion. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY PUBLISHERS NEW YORK THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORK • BOSTON • CHICAGO • DALLASATLANTA • SAN FRANCISCO MACMILLAN & CO., Limited LONDON • BOMBAY – CALCUTTAMELBOURNE THE MACMILLAN CO. OF CANADA, Ltd. TORONTO

Text Appearing After Image:
A WAR NURSES DIARY • M SKETCHES FROM A BELGIANFIELD HOSPITAL THE MACMILLAN COMPANY1918 All rights reserved p OOPTBIGHT, 1918 By THE MACMILIiAN COMPANY Set up and electrotyped. Published, February, 1918 CONTENTS PART I PAGE I The Start 3 Joining Up—The Personnel—Folkestone—Ostende—Journey to Antwerp—Welcome. II Antwerp 9 The Grammar School—Settling In—The Rush ofWounded—Kind Neighbours—Hard Work—Ma-lines—The Fortifications—Winston Churchill—Ru-mours—Ragtime—The Cafes. Ill The Siege 18 Fall of Walaem—The Water Supply—The LastBoat—Twenty-Four Hours Notice—Midnight—Re-moval—In the Cellars—Next Morning—The Faith-ful Cook—The Tommies—The Gas Fails—LondonBuses—The First Convoy—Card-Houses—Pet Dogs—Bombe—Howitzers. IV The Retreat 28 More Buses—Packing in the Patients—The Pas-sengers—Down the Valley of Flames—The Wait atthe Bridge;—The Highway of Sorrow—St. Nicolas—The Warning—The Track in the Dunes—TheConstant

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